Zillionize Invests in Proxy – a Startup that Turns Your Phone into a Personal Beacon to Access IoT Devices

In a world where everyone has a phone, it’s hard to imagine that people still have to carry things like data-transmitting wrist bands or badges to help identify themselves. Meet Proxy – latest portfolio startup of Zillionize, which turns your phone into a personal beacon that enables seamless interaction with your environment – be it access, identity, or personalization.

With Proxy, a user’s smartphone emits a Bluetooth signal that gets picked up by a sensor connected to an IoT device, like an electronically locking door, for example, or a home entertainment system.

Proxy – a Startup that Turns Your Phone into a Personal Beacon to Access IoT Devices

The raising popularity of IoT devices in the recent years creates countless opportunities to applying Proxy’s technology. Basically, Proxy is your digital representation that interacts with the physical world. It may help people use Internet-enabled devices of every kind without all the annoying login processes and standalone apps for each separate device.

For now, Proxy’s technology only works with the door locking systems used at offices, which normally require card keys. But the early-stage company has yet to expand it to work with other consumer electronics or building systems. For more details, please visit Proxy’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Metapacket – an Intelligent Antimalware Solution

For government organizations and data-driven corporations like banks and payments companies, security has always been a great challenge and the top priority. To protect themselves against any possible data leaks, corporations use different kinds of threat detection software, including antimalware programs that usually work by analyzing outbound network traffic.

However, trying to detect malware based on where it’s sending data can be complicated by hackers looping in legitimate services to mask malicious intent. Rather than trying to assess where data is being sent, Metapacket’s technology focuses on trying to determine whether network traffic is really being generated by a human or not.

Metapacket – an Intelligent Antimalware Solution

Unlike all other proxy or web-analysis solutions, Metapacket not just passively looks at the data, but is challenging the user and browser to prove that they’re human. Automated processes are whitelisted and anything remaining is malware.

In order for malware writers to workaround Metapacket’s detection system, they would have to create complex programs of a few megabytes that mimic human beings’ behavior, which would in turn be at risk of flagging up the presence of malicious software on the network. For more details, please visit Metapacket’s website.

Zillionize Invests in JustRide – A Car Sharing Service Employing Smart Vehicle Technology

Update: JustRide is now named as Drivezy.

JustRide is a technology aggregator in the car rental industry with the prime products being micro and macro leasing of vehicles.

Unlike existing market players, JustRide is not the proprietor of the vehicles it rents. Instead, the company focuses on connecting existing vendors in the car rental industry to end-users through a hyperlocal service.

JustRide – A Car Sharing Service Employing Smart Vehicle Technology

JustRide cars are fitted with its smart vehicle technology (SVT), which taps into a vehicle’s electronic system and provides real time access to the location and performance parameters of the vehicle. The implementation of SVT negates the requirement of high security deposits as the vehicles are under 24×7 surveillance and can be stalled from a remote location if needed. Customers can reserve their vehicles through the company’s website or on their smart phones and order the vehicles to be delivered right at their doorstep.

JustRide has ambitious plans for its SVT system. For example, it can be easily implemented in alternative modes of transport over water and air. For more details, visit JustRide’s website.

Zillionize Invests in ApolloShield – a System that Detects and Intercepts Malicious Drones

ApolloShield develops world’s first active, plug & play anti-drone system. It actively protects sensitive areas from drones by not only detecting unwanted drones, but taking control of them and commanding them to land safely. Consider ApolloShield an anti-virus for the sky!

ApolloShield – a System that Detects and Intercepts Malicious Drones

ApolloShield system detects drones using multiple technologies, including cameras, audio and radio sensors, so no drone can evade detection. The system detects not just whether or not there is a drone in the area, but what type of drone it is, and its unique ID.

Most of the comparable products on the market are either designed for military purposes, or only have the detection part. Unlike them, ApolloShield allows a user to intercept a drone by disconnecting the original operator and forcing the drone to land safely. Alternatively, ApolloShield can command an intercepted drone to return home.

For more details, visit ApolloShield’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Flutterwave – a FinTech Company that Builds Digital Payment Infrastructure for Africa

Payment processing in Africa is very different than it is in the United States. Any store in the U.S. accepts debit cards, credit cards, and even mobile payments. This is not the case in Africa. To provide the same full-service payment experience, merchants and payment service providers have to integrate with each form of payment individually. That means if you have a POS that accepts Visa, it may not accept MasterCard, for example.

Failed transactions are so common that many store owners don’t bother with the POS anymore. Because of this, Africa simply defaulted to cash and alternative payment methods like bank accounts or mobile money. This is the problem that Flutterwave has been designed to solve. It is a middle layer which works across payment channels, methods and local currencies in different African countries.

Flutterwave – a FinTech Company that Builds Digital Payment Infrastructure for Africa

One of the largest banks in Africa, Access Bank, already employs Flutterwave’s infrastructure to ensure a seamless digital experience for all their customers across multiple African Countries. Flutterwave has also helped US companies like Uber to enter, accelerate and succeed in African markets, making it possible for global merchants to process payments just like a local African company. For more details, visit Flutterwave’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Coub – An Online Portal for Creating Gif-Like Looped Videos with Music

Coub lets you create, view and discover short, looped videos from any video source on the Internet. It is a new media format that has become popular in Eastern Europe and is looking to creep into American Internet culture.

Riding the wave that GIFs, memes, and the like have put in motion, Coubs are short loops of video or images that can be set to audio or full-length songs, sort of a Vine video that has more customization options. But unlike Vine or Cinemagram, Coub is designed to let users remix or edit existing videos, not create new ones from their phones.

Coub videos can be embedded or shared on social networks, blogs, and other websites. That said, the site is designed to have the same virality as all of the aforementioned services.

Coub – An Online Portal for Creating Gif-Like Looped Videos with Music

Each coub is attributed to its author and links back to the original video and audio sources. Brands and publishers favor this because it increases web traffic to their content without needing a complicated distribution channel. Fans love it because it makes discovering new content less complicated. To see what it looks like, visit Coub’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Skylights – An Immersive Cinema Headset for In-Flight Entertainment

The Skylights Theater, a specially designed wearable technology headset, offers passengers a unique cinema experience during their flight. With the ability to play both 2D and 3D movies, the invention may finally give passengers a chance to ditch the back-of-seat screens.

These glasses provide a fixed-screen cinema/movie theatre-like viewing experience which doesn’t require users to move their head around. Instead, users feel like they are watching a movie on a large cinema screen.

Skylights – An Immersive Cinema Headset for In-Flight Entertainment

The company has already fitted 100 flights on four airlines and the feedback from passengers is particularly enthusiastic. CEO and co-founder David Dicko has 10+ years’ experience as a commercial pilot and airline executive, so the team knows a thing or two about the industry.

Developed to satisfy inflight requirements, the headset is suited for inflight use in terms of field of view, wearing comfort, portability and design. No other immersive headset or glasses have been designed to satisfy the specific constraints of airlines.
For more details, visit Skylights.

Zillionize Invests in Innov8 – Coworking Spaces for Startups and Freelancers in India

Indian freelance economy has exploded in recent years. There are an estimated 15 million freelancers currently working in the country, and the number is growing rapidly.

One of the biggest expenses today for young entrepreneurs in India is real estate. Indian cities are crowded and still lack of reliable infrastructure. In an average day in India, the Internet may go down multiple times.

The raising demand on reliable and affordable workspaces made coworking spaces burgeoning in India. To meet the demands of this growing market, Innov8 is building coworking campuses across the country.

Innov8 – Coworking Spaces for Startups and Freelancers in India

Innov8 has already built two centers in Delhi and Chandigarh with 100 percent occupancy and a 200 person waitlist. The coworking spaces offer high-speed internet backed by three Wi-Fi systems so that freelancers can continue to do their work even if the first and second Wi-Fi networks go down. Each of the campuses also provides power backup and easy access to public transportation.

Innov8 has plans to expand to other metro cities soon, and aim to become the premier coworking space in every major developing city around the world. Visit Innov8’s site for more details.

Zillionize Invests in JumpCut – An Education Platform that Creates Captivating Online Courses

Online courses have helped widen access to quality education to anyone with an Internet connection. However, they have failed to take advantage of the medium to make learning more engaging. The result is that the average completion rate is an appallingly low 15 percent.

The Jumpcut team believes that this is a result of a lack of innovation in the industry. Some degree of ingenuity has been shown in the platforms (interactive quizzes, specialized video controls, etc.) but the content itself hasn’t changed much. It’s usually just a professor behind a lectern using a whiteboard or slides. Jumpcut turns this format on its head with educational content that is more akin to a full-fledged production than an amateur recording of a lecture.

JumpCut – An Education Platform that Creates Captivating Online Courses

Every lesson uploaded to the platform makes use of storytelling techniques to keep learners hooked. They also employ best practices in video production like CGI and cinematography to make the content more visually interesting. Because of the unique presentation, plenty of top influencers have been roped in to teaching courses. Find out more on JumpCut’s website.

Zillionize Invests in OMG Digital – a BuzzFeed for African Millennials

Since late 90s Africa has shown to be one of the fastest growing regions according to the World Bank. Steady economic growth and urbanization processes over the last two decades have led to emerging of new industries in Africa. One such industry is media, and OMG Digital is one of the most prominent companies in the industry.

OMG Digital is creating publications for Africa’s 250 million millennials. Their first site, OMGVoice, is the top destination to discover and share original content focused on African pop-culture, entertainment and lifestyle. Within just 5 months since the launch, OMGVoice has grown its readership to 3 million unique readers monthly.

OMG Digital
OMG Digital – a BuzzFeed for African Millennials

The majority of millennials in Africa these days are on mobile. While other African media companies are stuck in the past trying to recreate the print experience online, OMG Digital is focused on delivering mobile-friendly experience from day one. This makes OMG Digital look very attractive for brands who want to reach young Africans.

Currently OMGVoice serves in 3 African countries: Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, but the founders have plans on launching it soon in Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia. Eventually, the goal is to become the leading entertainment media platform, the BuzzFeed for Africa. For more details on the media site, please visit OMGVoice.