Zillionize Invests in DeepGram – Speech API

When we think about search, we mostly think about Google search engine which helps us to find required information on the web using  specific keywords. We use these keywords to find relevant webpages, documents, images, videos etc. How about a Google for audio that helps you to locate the moment a keyword or phrase is mentioned in your audio? Meet DeepGram who is building a Google for Audio!

DeepGram – Speech API to spot keywords in audio

Zillionize is glad to announce that it has also added DeepGram to its growing list of portfolio startups. DeepGram, using artificial intelligence, allows you to spot keywords and get insights in audio. There are lots of speech-to-text engines available in the market but DeepGram’s technology is far more accurate as compared to them. DeepGram can be useful for many industries including call centers where companies can build insight about their products, issues and competitors etc. from recorded audio to develop better business strategies and even for common users who can locate perfect audio/video clips using keywords spotting.

Zillionize Invests in Protonet – Private Cloud Servers for Enterprises

The major concern for enterprises has always been the security and privacy of their data. And since everything has gone to Cloud, this concern has grown even stronger because most of the apps enterprises use for their business operations, are hosted on public clouds. Many popular apps also provide on-premise versions to address data privacy concerns of businesses but running and maintaining private cloud servers for using those apps is also expensive. Meet Protonet that brings cost effective private cloud servers to businesses!

Protonet – Private cloud servers for businesses

Zillionize is proud to announce about its new portfolio startup, Protonet – a magical box that brings the power of a secure private cloud server to your business. Using Protonet, businesses can use popular cloud software in their own private clouds. For example, currently, Protonet is your on-premise Dropbox that you can setup and start using in less than 5 minutes. With Protonet, your data never leaves your office. In future, businesses would also be able to use more popular cloud software like Slack, Asana and JIRA etc. on Protonet’s private cloud servers. More than 2000 companies are using Protonet at the moment. Give it a try!

Zillionize Invests in UpLabs – Marketplace for Material Design, iOS and Web Resources

There are many online communities and community-powered marketplaces for designers and developers but how about a marketplace that brings both designers and developers closer to deliver awesome apps and sites?

UpLabs – The best material design, iOS and web resources, every day!

Zillionize is happy to announce about the addition of UpLabs in its list of portfolio startups. UpLabs is founded by Matt Aussaguel and Guillemette Dejean who believe that a good designer should hang out with more developers and vice versa. Based on this philosophy, they have created UpLabs, an online community-powered marketplace for designers and developers that allow them to showcase their work and exchange feedback to build better apps and sites. Not just that, you can even buy and sell ready-to use products in the UpLabs Market.

Zillionize Invests in Wakie – Voice Conversation App

Do you have anything to discuss about your love life, business issues or any personal matters but don’t feel comfortable in discussing with someone in family, friends or anyone who knows you personally then Wakie fixes this issue for you.

Wakie – Voice Conversation App

Zillionize is a seed round investor and we would like to share about our new portfolio startup, Wakie – a friendly community of anonymous people who like to help others by sharing their own experiences. It’s done using Wakie app which is available of iOS, Android and Windows phones. You can set a discussion topic in Wakie app and then you can receive an anonymous call from any Wakie community member who can share his opinion with you about the topic. The maximum call duration can be of 5 minutes.

Zillionize Invests in SoundBoks – The Loudest Outdoor Speaker

No party is complete without good music but it can be a challenge to get full sound outdoors. The most reliable option can be a portable sound system that can pump up your parties and festivals but is it durable? Would it last longer so that your parties are not ruined? You don’t need to worry about these when you have SOUNDBOKS.

SOUNDBOKS – The Unlimited Outdoor Speaker

Zillionize is glad to add SOUNDBOKS to its portfolio startups. SOUNDBOKS is the loudest battery-powered outdoor speaker that offers extreme volume but with maximum battery life. With an unbreakable design, you can freely take it to anywhere without any worries.

Zillionize Invests in Yardbook – Landscaping Business Software

Are you in landscaping business but using paper and pencil, or juggling between many different systems or spreadsheets in order to stay organized, give Yardbook a try today!

Yardbook – Software for Landscaping and Lawn Care Businesses

Zillionize’s one of recent portfolio startups is Yardbook – a landscaping and lawn care buisness software that is designed to provide an end-to-end solution in helping businesses with a multitude of roles such as creating schedules, estimates, completing invoices, payments, timesheets and so much more. It’s FREE and already 10,000+ companies are using it. Claim Yours Now!

Zillionize Invests in SendBird – Messaging and Chat API

If you want to add chat feature to your website or mobile app for better customer engagement but looking for an effortless solution that can get you up and running in 5 minutes then look no further and check SendBird!

SendBird – Messaging and Chat API for Websites and Mobile Apps

Meet the new portfolio startup of Zillionize, SendBird – a chat API and SDK provider for websites and mobile apps to enable real-time communication with users. SendBird supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Unity, JavaScript and Xamarin. It offers customizable UI for seamless integration with your websites and mobile apps. It’s FREE for 1000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) and offers affordable pricing plans for more MAU.

Zillionize Invests in Petcube – Pet Monitor System

If you own pets and really miss them when you are away then you need something that can bring your pets close to you no matter where you are. Thanks to Petcube! Now you can play with your pets anytime, anywhere.

Petcube – Remote WI-FI Pet Camera and Monitor System

Zillionize has invested in Petcube – a remote, WI-FI enabled pet camera that you can access from anywhere and play with your furry friends anytime. For pet lovers, if you even don’t have a Petcube camera yet, you can still watch, talk and play with cutest pets from all over the world using Petcube apps for iOS and Android.

Zillionize Invests in Acre Designs – Zero Energy Smarthomes Builder

Do you care about environment? Would you like to save your energy bills? Would you like a home that is trendy, meeting today’s standards and can be built in just three months? Meet Acre Designs!

Acre Designs – Smart, Sustainable, Zero Energy Home Builder

Zillionize has just added Acre Designs to its list of portfolio startups. Acre Designs has developed a powerful design philosophy within the context of technology and scalable growth. They want to replace today’s out-of-date houses with innovative, attainable, high-quality homes that are better for people and the planet.

General Motors Acquiring Cruise, for More Than $1 Billion


It’s big news for us and everyone who trusted and backed Cruise, The Driverless Revolution. Zillionize invested in Cruise as a seed round investor. After one year, Cruise raised $12.5M in Series A round and now GM is buying Cruise for “north of $1 billion”. That’s awesome!

General Motors this morning announced that it will acquire Cruise Automation, a San Francisco-based developer of autonomous vehicle technology. No financial terms were disclosed, but Fortune has learned from a source close to the situation that the deal is valued at “north of $1 billion,” in a combination of cash and stock.

Cruise Automation had raised over $18 million in venture capital funding, most recently at a post-money valuation of around $90 million. Investors include Spark Capital, Maven Ventures, Founder Collective, and Y Combinator.

The three-year old company is best known for having created an aftermarket “kit” that allows buyers to convert certain types of cars―namely Audi A4 and S4 models―into autonomous vehicles for highway driving. But GM appears to be more interested in integrating Cruise’s technology into its original manufacturing process.

Please read full story at FORTUNE.