Oasis – Photo-real avatars over a synthetic video chat network


Oasis is a synthetic reality social app focused on meeting new people & making new friends.

Founder Matt Mireles is an American technology entrepreneur and investor. Matt runs Oasis and is the founder of Guerrilla Capital, Dishcraft Robotics & SpeakerText (acquired). Matt explains:

Our mission is to allow people to feel psychologically safe enough to be who they really are so that they can be emotionally present with each other.

Oasis works by connecting users via photo-real avatars over a synthetic video chat network. Their radical technology eliminates camera anxiety and reduces people’s social inhibitions. In the Oasis, you are encouraged to express yourself by creating multiple personas, each with its own identity, interests & social network.

The patent-pending Oasis network uses 100x less bandwidth than traditional video chat because Oasis has invented a neural network that can synthesize a video chat in realtime on the receiver’s smartphone without ever sending pixels over the internet.

Due to the minimal bandwidth needs of its network, Oasis makes a new kind of video chat accessible to the billions of people on earth who lack broadband internet.

Zillionize welcomed Oasis into it’s portfolio under its original name TalkPresent and look forward to seeing how the Oasis Team take things forward. Learn more about Oasis here – https://theoasis.com/

Pesto – Career Accelerator for Software Engineers


Pesto is an intensive training program to help software engineers in India break into international tech careers via full-time remote jobs.

Co-founders Ayush Jaiswal and Andrew Linfoot originally met in a co-working space and realised the disparity between software engineer remuneration in India and the US.

Now they are on a mission to give everyone equal access to opportunity, regardless of where they were born.

Today we are focusing on upskilling India’s 5 million software engineers and pairing them with the worlds top tech companies.

Pesto works by providing training with zero upfront cost to students. Once the students complete the training and get hired, they pay a portion of their income to Pesto under an Income Share Agreement.

After gaining initial traction and focusing on the quality of business, the team is now focused on increasing the frequency of batches to help more students.

Zillionize was lucky to get the opportunity to invest in Pesto and we look forward to helping them on their mission. For more details, check out https://www.pesto.tech/.