Jopwell – Digital Diversity Recruitment Platform Raises $7.5M

Jopwell, a startup with the mission to connect under-represented professionals and students from ethnic minorities including Black, Latinx and Native Americans with the employers was added to our portfolio in August 2015. We are happy to announce that Jopwell has successfully raised a funding of $7.5M in Series A round which will help them to grow their network of students, professionals and employers.

The round was led by pre-existing investor Cue Ball Capital. Returning investors in this round include Y Combinator, Omidyar Network, Kapor Capital, and Valar Ventures. Among our new investors are SJF Ventures, Blue Ivy Ventures, and Teneo Ventures. This capital from our investors, both returning and new, will enable us to continue working toward our mission to diversify the workforce, while supporting the career advancement of our growing community.

We will put this investment to work to deliver mentorship and career advice in an even bigger way, create more networking opportunities, build tools and resources so users can continue to learn and grow in their careers, and expand the stories we are able to share via our digital magazine, The Well. Through new content, events, and initiatives, we want to provide our community a space to discuss the unique challenges they face in the workplace and celebrate the triumphs.

This round of investment will also help us expand our product suite to reach more partner companies of all sizes, from the scrappy startup to the Fortune 500. We not only want to increase the breadth of roles candidates can apply for through – we also want to ensure we are working with young companies to help them prioritize diversity from day one.

Please read full story at Jopwell.

Zillionize Invests in Retool – Custom Internal Apps Builder for Businesses

Whether you are a small or big business, if you are using some software to automate your business processes, improve productivity and make right decisions, you must agree that there are always some small business needs that remain unfulfilled. You always keep getting ideas while running your business and feel that how great would it be if those small ideas can be converted into real-world apps or tools so that your life can be easier.

To address this need, let us introduce Retool, an online platform and one of our portfolio startups from Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 batch that allows businesses build quick internal apps as per their custom needs and take their productivity to the next level.

Retool – Custom Internal Apps Builder for Businesses

Retool saves developers’ time by offering a web-based visual editor, ready to use components/controls, APIs to integrate with popular cloud apps and connect with most of the data sources ranging from databases to even google sheets, application templates to re-use & customize features similar to your needs and built-in app management features like authentication, authorization & audit logs etc.

You can try and play with Retool free forever however they also offer paid plans for professionals and enterprises. Moreover, if you are more concerned about security, Retool also offers on-premise solution as a docker image that you can deploy to your private server within 15 mins.

Retool is not just for heavy-weight programmers. It uses SQL (Structured Query Language) to query data and JavaScript for programming so if you are familiar with them, you can quickly jump in and start converting your ideas to reality. If you build something cool, there is no fun if you can’t share it with others so Retool allows you to also share your apps with others. All you have to do is to share your app URLs.

If you like Retool as much as we like, please feel free to sign up.