Zillionize invests in ToutApp – Sales Acceleration Solution through Intelligent Emails

Generating sales lead through mass mailing and other email marketing techniques are becoming successful to connect with users and converting them. The contents of such bulk emails is same for all type of users which is found spamming and it may harm your business then doing any good.

Zillionize has recently invested in ToutApp – An intelligent email tool for sales acceleration, aimed at sales team to close deals faster using advance tracking, analytics and email templates to make them personalized for your customers. It can easily be integrated with Gmail accounts, parses mass-email that are sent and creates dynamic templates for such emails that sales team can quickly sent to all targeted customers.

Zillionize invests in ToutApp – Sales Acceleration Solution through Intelligent Emails
Zillionize invests in ToutApp – Sales Acceleration Solution through productive emails templates

The emails sent by ToutApp are trackable and counts the number of views to make sure the email is opened & read. If an email is just read but not responded then sales team can follow up with a canned email message template to seek response form customers. It works and works intelligently with ToutApp..!!

Zillionize Invests in an Open Project Management App – Interstate

Customer-engagement and retention is one bigger challenge that businesses are facing today and it becomes even more critical when the target market is saturated with lots of competitors around. Sharing updates through newsletters, emails, providing online chat or forum support are all helpful tools to keep the customers connected but InterState offered a better solution by showing interactive roadmaps on customer websites to keep the users engaged in a transparent way, they deserve.

Zillionize invested in Interstate; an open project management service to manage your projects using easy and powerful roadmaps. It helps businesses gain users, build their interest and keep them away from competitors by engaging them in your products development loop.

InterStateApp - Project Management through Roadmaps

With Interstate, it’s simple to manage and track a project through roadmaps. You can receive instant alerts about teams’ progress and their activities status. An integrated chat system makes it possible to raise discussions instantly and customers can also embed roadmaps on their website using Intestate API.

Zillionize Invests in LeadGenius – A B2B Sales Automation and Leads Conversion Solution

Other than relying on lead-prediction softwares for generating revenues or hiring and training a sales team to convert users into paid customers, why not outsource your sales operation to a startup that specializes in boosting sales? It’s all about increasing sales at the end that matter the most to ensure company growth and keep the business running. Isn’t it?

LeadGenius - Sales Automation and Leads Conversion Solution

At Zillionize, we believe that reaching out to potential customers using targeted pitches, qualifying leads and converting them is an art. So after doing an internal due diligence, Zillionize invested in LeadGenius – a specialized sales-automation startup for managing all processes relating to sales acceleration and leads conversion.