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Zillionize is a low friction startup investor with a portfolio of over 100 fast growing startups. 

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We focus on early-stage, seed investing in founders who see the future and startups that create the future.

Lightning Fast

We follow a no nonsense approach to startup investment – lightning fast. From reaching out to funds being wired.

Data Driven

We are data driven – when we approach you, we may not ask any questions because we have already collected enough data to believe in your success.

Experienced Operators

We are self funded experienced operators. Our team live and breath enterprise software on a day to day basis and are equally as passionate about other areas of technology.

Recent updates from our portfolio

  • Flirtey, Leading Delivery Drones Manufacturer Completes Technology to Certify and Expand Production in United States
    Graduated from Y Combinator’s S15 batch in 2015, the first company to perform FAA approved drone delivery in USA and one of our portfolio startups, Flirtey just announced that it has completed its technology (including an advanced drone named Flirtey Eagle, a landing and take-off platform called Flirtey Portal and its state of the art autonomous software system that controls its autonomous flight operations) to certify and expand the production […]
  • Sendbird, A Messaging Platform with Chat, Voice & Video APIs for Developers Raises $100M in Series C
    Sendbird, a San Francisco based company, Y Combinator W16 batch graduate and one of our portfolio startups allowing developers to integrate chat, audio and video features with their applications using its APIs has raised $100M in Series C with the company valuation of $1.05B. The funding round was led by Steadfast Financial in participation with Softbank Vision Fund, Tiger Global Management, ICONIQ Capital, World Innovation Lab, Meritech Capital Ventures and […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Alba Orbital – PocketQube Satellite Maker with Affordable Space Services
    Coincidently, after Albedo and STOKE, it’s our 3rd investment in a Space technology startup in the same month. Space technology is getting more popular now and we see more startups working hard to make it in the reach of businesses, educational institutions and researchers by bringing affordable and easier solutions in the Space market. Alba Orbital has graduated from Y Combinator W21 batch founded by Tom Walkinshaw. They are offering […]
  • Zillionize Invests in STOKE – Space Technology to Build Reusable Second Stage Rockets
    All of us know about rockets that are launched to release the payload (satellite or spacecraft) in the space. These rockets have multiple stages (two or more stages) where each stage has its own engine and propellant which is used to provide upward thrust to the rocket. First stage is always bigger since it packs more power and has to lift whole weight of the rocket to get it out […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Outfit – Complete DIY Kit for Home Renovation
    Whether you have experienced renovating your home before or planning to do so, you would have an idea that how much costly it may get considering the costs of materials and the contractors. For example, according to HomeGuide, remodeling a 3-bedroom house costs around $20,000 to $100,000 where as a kitchen and bathroom average remodeling costs are $25,000 and $10,000 respectively. There is a way to cut your costs if […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Albedo – Affordable High Resolution Satellite Imagery Technology
    Whenever we talk about Earth imagery (think of Google Earth), we mostly come up with two options: Satellite and Aerial imagery. In both options, Earth images are taken from above by cameras installed in either satellites or aircrafts. Most of the businesses rely on aerial imagery since it’s less costly and gives better quality images as compared to satellite images. Let’s make it clear. Aerial images provide better resolution than […]