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Zillionize is a low friction startup investor with a portfolio of over 100 fast growing startups. 

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We focus on early-stage, seed investing in founders who see the future and startups that create the future.

Lightning Fast

We follow a no nonsense approach to startup investment – lightning fast. From reaching out to funds being wired.

Data Driven

We are data driven – when we approach you, we may not ask any questions because we have already collected enough data to believe in your success.

Experienced Operators

We are self funded experienced operators. Our team live and breath enterprise software on a day to day basis and are equally as passionate about other areas of technology.

Recent announcements from our portfolio

  • Zillionize Invests in TransAstra Corporation – Unleashing Industry in Space
    Founded by space technology pioneer Joel Sercel, TransAstra Corporation provides revolutionary orbital logistics to help unleash industry in space. With many proprietary inventions, TransAstra Corporation plans to build and fly space tugs from their position in orbit to their chosen destination in orbit. Additionally, tugs will cost effectively mine asteroids, generate new fuel sources and catalyse the growth of heavy industry in outer space. Some of the teams innovations to […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Cloudthread – Cloud cost efficiency. Engineering first.
    Founded by ex-Lyft, Citrix and EA engineers, Cloudthread is an analytics platform that helps engineering teams build cost-efficiently in the cloud. Building on deep learnings from creating cloud cost management systems at scale, Cloudthread uses that expertise to help organizations save hours of engineering time, reduce cloud bills, and prevent costly re-architectures. The key feature of Cloudthread is to combine cloud billing data with application performance telemetry to report engineering-focused […]
  • Zillionize invests in Turion Space – Space debris removal, satellite servicing, and asteroid mining.
    Turion Space, founded by an ex-SpaceX, Skunk Works, ATA, and Electroimpact team. Ryan Westerdahl, Tyler Pierce, and Patryk Wiatr formed Turion Space to tackle the ever-growing issue of space debris and the complex logistics of in-orbit satellite servicing. Turion Space recently joined YCombinator and participated in the YC S21 batch of companies. Turion Space was formed with the vision of building the technology required for humanity’s interplanetary future. Their short-term […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Tavus – Make personalized outreach videos at scale with AI
    Founded by an ex-Apple and Google team. Hassaan Raza, Rishabh Dhar, and Quinn Favret formed Tavus to give sales and marketing teams a scalable approach to the production of personalized video. Tavus was accepted into YCombinator and were part of the YC S21 batch of companies. CEO Hassaan Raza explains, “We knew personalized videos work. They’ve been proven to drive more immersive experiences, increased conversions, and spike in views. What […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Hotswap – Automation to cleanly migrate data and help companies onboard customers from competitors
    Hotswap is taking on the massive challenge of making data migration between separate systems much easier. It’s all too common that companies become helplessly locked into a vendor because they find it difficult to migrate data away from them to other software. Most solutions to resolve this problem are either hacked together by employees who are tight on time, or by expensive consultants. Hotswap are looking to do data migration […]
  • Alpaca – Commission-Free API for Stock Trading and Brokerage Raises $50M in Series B
    It’s been an year since we announced Series A of our portfolio startup, Alpaca and now we are pleased to share about Series B that helped Alpaca raise $50M funding. The funding round was led by Tribe Capital in participation with Spark Capital, Social Leverage, Portage Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Positive Sum and Eldridge. After this Series B, the total funding amount of Alpaca has reached almost $72M. Alpaca started with […]