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Zillionize is a low friction startup investor with a portfolio of over 100 fast growing startups. 

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We focus on early-stage, seed investing in founders who see the future and startups that create the future.

Lightning Fast

We follow a no nonsense approach to startup investment – lightning fast. From reaching out to funds being wired.

Data Driven

We are data driven – when we approach you, we may not ask any questions because we have already collected enough data to believe in your success.

Experienced Operators

We are self funded experienced operators. Our team live and breath enterprise software on a day to day basis and are equally as passionate about other areas of technology.

Recent announcements from our portfolio

  • Reality Defender’s Pioneering Deepfake Detection Technology Seals $15M Series A Funding
    Reality Defender, a groundbreaking startup specializing in the detection of text, video, and image deepfakes, has successfully closed its Series A round with a robust $15M in investments. Emerging as a distinguished member of the Y Combinator W22 batch and initially backed by Zillionize, this funding milestone further solidifies its position as a leader in the cybersecurity and AI ethics landscape. Our initial investment in Reality Defender underscored our belief […]
  • DigitalOcean Makes Waves with $111m Paperspace Acquisition, Amplifying AI Capabilities for SMBs and Startups
    DigitalOcean, the esteemed cloud hosting pioneer, has recently taken an exhilarating step by confirming its acquisition of Paperspace, a trailblazing New York-based cloud computing and AI startup, for an impressive $111m. This acquisition not only marks a significant progression in the world of cloud computing but also showcases the continued success of startups nurtured through YCombinator, with Paperspace being a distinguished member of the YCW15 batch. Backed in its early […]
  • Deepgrams Enterprise Voice Recognition Business Completes $72m Series B Round
    Deepgram, the Enterprise Voice Recognition company that enables its API users to transcribe, intelligently and accurately, any text sent its way in dozens of languages. Deepgram has recently completed its Series B round at a massive $72m.
  • Zillionize invests in Velontra – Hypersonic Space Plane and Engine Development
    Currently there are almost 5,000 satellites orbiting the Earth. Over half of those are in low earth orbit (LEO). The number of satellites launched has seen a sharp upturn in recent years. Some of the primary concerns for those looking to have their satellites launch into LEO are cost and lead time. On average, it cost $62m USD to launch a satellite with a lead time up to 9 months. […]
  • Zillionize invests in Thera – The All-in-One HR and Global Payment Platform
    Thera, a YCombinator S22 Batch company knows that the HR resource market has exploded in growth and plans to offer an all-in-one HR and Global platform for remote teams.
  • Zillionize invests in Metriport – Universal API for Healthcare Data
    Today, approximately 30%, or almost one third, of the world’s data volume is being generated by the healthcare industry. By 2025, the compound annual growth rate of data for healthcare will reach 36%. That’s 6% faster than manufacturing, 10% faster than financial services, and 11% faster than media & entertainment. At the same time, IT investment in healthcare is among the lowest of all industries. As a result, healthcare IT […]