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Zillionize is a low friction startup investor with a portfolio of over 100 fast growing startups. 

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We focus on early-stage, seed investing in founders who see the future and startups that create the future.

Lightning Fast

We follow a no nonsense approach to startup investment – lightning fast. From reaching out to funds being wired.

Data Driven

We are data driven – when we approach you, we may not ask any questions because we have already collected enough data to believe in your success.

Experienced Operators

We are self funded experienced operators. Our team live and breath enterprise software on a day to day basis and are equally as passionate about other areas of technology.

Recent announcements from our portfolio

  • Zillionize invests in Velontra – Hypersonic Space Plane and Engine Development
    Velontra is building hypersonic space plane and the engine that powers it. Their space plane can takeoff from anywhere in any weather.  This horizontal takeoff increases launch reliability and enables customers to directly access any orbit.  Their air-breathing propulsion system is up to 6 times more fuel efficient than any rocket and uses oxygen from the air which creates thousands of pounds of additional payload capacity. Founding Team Velontra’s founding […]
  • Capturing the Highest Resolution Satellite Imagery – Albedo Raises $48M Series A
    Albedo, the ambitious YC W21 graduate who is building the next evolution of earth observation with their aerial quality space imagery has raised a $48M Series A round to allow them to further their goal of delivering unprecedented satellite imagery. Albedo’s “…mission is to be the catalyst in unlocking satellite imagery’s latent potential, with the goal of expanding current applications and propelling the discovery of new use cases. Whether our […]
  • Bevi, the Ultimate Hydration Station, raises a $70M Series D
    Bevi, the bottleless water dispenser company, specializing in next-generation water coolers for offices, has raised a fresh $70M of Series D funding from the Sustainable Investment arm of the Cowen group. “Bevi offers delicious, customizable, healthy hydration that is eco-friendly! We believe that how you stay healthy & hydrated is your choice, but that you also shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for you and what’s good for the […]
  • Zillionize invests in Polymath Robotics – Plug & play autonomy for industrial vehicles
    Industrial vehicles are everywhere: tractors, forklifts, mining equipment, forestry equipment, and the list goes on and on. They are used world-wide in almost every industrial environment, and they each have specific uses. They also require a human operator to perform their unique tasks, or at least they did until recently. In the past few years, more and more companies are seeking to convert their industrial vehicles into autonomous robots controlled […]
  • Retool’s Series C2 Raises $45M at a $3.2B valuation
    Retool, the low-code platform that makes the building of internal tools both quick and simple has raised $45M at a $3.2B valuation. Zillionize invested in Retool as part of the YCombinator W17 batch and recently YCombinator listed Retool at number 29 on its Top Companies list. Founded in 2017 by David Hsu, the company has grown fast and now services companies in the e-commerce, financial, retail and marketplace industries. With […]
  • Zippi raises a $16M Series A to expand its micro-entrepreneur credit solution
    Zippi is an online lending startup revolutionizing financial services for gig workers. Zippi, the YC S19 graduate offers micro-entrepreneurs a credit solution through PIX, Brazil’s popular real-time payment system. Founded in 2019 by André Bernardes, Ludmila Pontremolez and Bruno Lucas who saw an opportunity in the emerging instant payments industry for payments to businesses, not just individuals. As financial technology veterans, they impressed the YCombinator team and joined the YC […]