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Zillionize is a low friction startup investor with a portfolio of over 100 fast growing startups. 

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We focus on early-stage, seed investing in founders who see the future and startups that create the future.

Lightning Fast

We follow a no nonsense approach to startup investment – lightning fast. From reaching out to funds being wired.

Data Driven

We are data driven – when we approach you, we may not ask any questions because we have already collected enough data to believe in your success.

Experienced Operators

We are self funded experienced operators. Our team live and breath enterprise software on a day to day basis and are equally as passionate about other areas of technology.

Recent announcements from our portfolio

  • Zippi raises a $16M Series A to expand its micro-entrepreneur credit solution
    Zippi is an online lending startup revolutionizing financial services for gig workers. Zippi, the YC S19 graduate offers micro-entrepreneurs a credit solution through PIX, Brazil’s popular real-time payment system. Founded in 2019 by André Bernardes, Ludmila Pontremolez and Bruno Lucas who saw an opportunity in the emerging instant payments industry for payments to businesses, not just individuals. As financial technology veterans, they impressed the YCombinator team and joined the YC […]
  • Rippling – $250M Series D and $11.25B valuation
    Hot off the heels of its $250M Series C in October 2021 Rippling has announced its latest $250M Series D round which leaves the Employee Management Platform achieving a valuation of over $11.2B. Rippling was founded by Parker Conrad in 2016 entering YCombinator’s Winter ’17 batch where they caught the eye of the Zillionize team. Serial founder Parker has plenty of experience founding and leading world-class startups with his previous […]
  • Teleport raises $110m in Series C funding to enhance its Infrastructure Access platform
    Teleport enables the ability to access SSH servers, Kubernetes clusters, web applications, and databases remotely from anywhere with identity-based access like SSO (Single Sign-On). Zillionize invested in Teleport as part of the YCombinator S15 batch and is now listed as one of YCombinators top companies. Currently at position 151 at the time of writing. This Series C sees the company valued at $1.1B. CEO Ev Kontsevoy and co-founders Taylor Wakefield […]
  • Pyka raises a $37m Series A to adapt its autonomous electric plane for cargo runs
    Pyka, a battery-powered autonomous airplane maker targeting the aircraft spraying business market, added to our portfolio in 2017 as part of the YC S17 batch has just raised a $37m series A round that will enable them to further their mission to electrify and automate agricultural operations on farms and beyond. As the team mission statement says “We believe that electrification and automation will make aviation safer, more affordable, and […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Sarus – Enabling new age data collaboration with the strongest privacy protection
    Sarus software lets data scientists and analysts work on sensitive data without accessing the data directly. They can carry on their work as they always have, from standard database analysis to AI models with complex machine learning training, without risking a leak of any sensitive piece of information. Traditionally, companies have relied upon data masking, sometimes called de-identification, to protect data privacy. The basic idea is to remove all personally […]
  • Zillionize Invests in Reality Defender – Enterprise Deepfake Detection Platform
    Reality Defender is a user-friendly, no-code platform allowing companies to scan for fake content within media (audio, video and images). Reality Defender’s API and web app provide real-time scanning, deepfake scoring and PDF report cards, meaning that previously unscanned media can now be reviewed, in real-time with a new level of accuracy and accessibility. The project began as an incubation initiative between Microsoft, Intel and the AI Foundation. Their shared […]