We invested in MailGun on March 27, 2011, which was our first angel investment. Due to that, we launched Zillionize on the same day in Palo Alto, California as an angel investor.

Limited Partner
Aspose is our single evergreen limited partner whose file format APIs have powered more than 77% Fortune 100 Companies for nearly two decades.

Our motto is Fueling Your Fast Growth since we are a true believer of Startup = Growth.

Our investment thesis is a single keywordearly. You are early in your category because you can see the future; We are early so we invest before or on Demo Day.

We follow a no nonsense approach to angel investment – lightning fast. From reaching out to fund being wired, it could be one hour or two.

We are data driven – when we approach you, we may not ask any questions because we may have collected enough data about you so we are compelled to back you.

Initially we focused on enterprise software, because our direct operation experience was built on that. Then we gradually expand our portfolio to anything else.

Cindy Bi@CindyBiSV and AngelList

Value Add
As a former founder and long-time operator at Aspose, I know what it takes to build a high-impact company. Founders also love me for being an empathetic executive coach, cheerleader for the early team, and ambassador for their brand.

One of our most notable investments may be Cruise.

Email – zillionize AT Gmail DOT com