ReadMe – an Interactive API Documentation Platform Raises $9M

ReadMe, a company allowing its customers to build custom API documentation and provide personalized support to users by tracking API usage has raised $9M in a Series A round led by Accel in partiticpation with Y Combinator. After this round, ReadMe’s total funding amount has reached $10.1M.

Prior to today’s funding announcement, the company had taken just a $1.2 million seed round in 2014. Today, it reports 3,000 paying customers and that it has been profitable for the last several years, an unusual position for a startup. In spite of this success, co-founder and CEO Gregory Koberger said as the company has taken on larger customers, they have more sophisticated requirements, and that prompted them to take this round of funding.

In addition, it has expanded the platform to use a company’s API logs to help create more dynamic documentation and improve customer support kinds of scenarios. But by taking on data from other companies, it needs to make sure the data is secure, and today’s funding will help in that regard.

“We’re going to still build the company traditionally by hiring more engineers, more support people, more designers, the obvious stuff, but the main impetus for doing this was that we started working with bigger companies with more secure data. So a lot of the money is going to help make sure that we handle that right,” Koberger explained.

Please read full story at TechCrunch.

Vitau – Your Intelligent Pharmacy


Vitau are an intelligent pharmacy that takes care of patients suffering from chronic illnesses by sending their medications monthly. They also help with insurance reimbursements so that customers do not need to waste time at the pharmacy or doing paperwork.

Zillionize recently invested in the startup after they launched in Mexico and recently participated in YCombinator S19.

Co-founder and CEO, Tuto Assad, knows the pain and requirements of receiving regular medication after being diagnosed with diabetes from a long age. Vitau’s easy to use subscription service helps simplify the process.

For more information and to check out the fast growing online pharmacy visit

Blair – Better Student Financing


Blair allows students to finance their tuition or costs of living. After they graduate, they pay back a percentage of their income for a fixed period of time.

Zillionize has recently invested in Blair and looks forward to seeing the team provide flexibility to college students through their Income Share Agreements.

Blair was founded by a strong team with personal experience with Income Share Agreements and well aware of the rising student debt crisis.

The team compared the options available in the US to the options available in Germany, where Income Share Agreements are common, and could see a gap in the market.

They launched out of YCombinator S19 and since the launch have been featured on TechCrunch, Forbes and many other media sites.

In addition to providing finance for college students, Blair provides an investment opportunity for accredited investors seeking to combine social impact and financial returns:

Blair offers an opportunity to invest in selected university students on basis of a fair, proven and frequently requested business model.

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spotLESS Materials – Keep your glass clean

Spotless Materials

Founded by PhDs Birgitt Boschitsch Stogin and Tak-Sing Wong in May 2018 spotLESS Materials provides easy to use surface coating products.

Our coatings stand out in their ease of application and in sludge repellency, but are also highly effective at repelling water and other substances as well.

Zillionize is a proud investor of this startup aiming to leverage their mechanical and materials expertise to address sticky problems.

Currently they are doing this by commercialising their super slippery, liquid-,sludge-, and bacteria-repellent bio-inspired self-healing surface coating.

The team initially targeted sanitation and have expanded beyond that to a product suitable for outdoor studios, the automotive industry and at home.  They have received a number of grants, awards and also completed YC S19.

We are looking forward to seeing spotLESS Materials address sticky problems with their slippery solutions. For more details check out – Loans for Gig Workers in Brazil

Zippi is an online lending startup revolutionising financial services for gig workers.

After recently graduating from YC S19 the fully compliant neobank has started providing finance to drivers in Brazil.

Unlike traditional loans, repayments are flexible and based on the recipients income with affordable interest.

The strong team hope to help Latin America’s 30M+ gig workers.

Zillionize is delighted to have invested in Zippi and looks forward to see them disrupt traditional lending with tailored solutions for an under-served market.

For more details check out

Brave Care – Excellent Urgent Care for Kids


Zillionize is thrilled to be supporting health care for children through its recent investment in Brave Care.

Brave Care is a pediatric focused urgent care clinic which provides a service in between a child’s regular doctor and emergency situations.

The YC backed startup’s first flagship clinic is on Sandy Blvd NE Portland and is open 7 days a week. It is capable of treating a wide range of common and no so common illnesses. They offer onsite x-ray, fracture care, mild nasal sedation for uncomfortable procedures, stitches, and tissue glue for minor wounds.

Brave Care was founded by a strong team of Corey Fish (CMO) , Darius Monsef (CEO), Maryam Taheri (COO) and Asa Miller (CTO) after a personal experience of pediatric urgent care brought them together:

BraveCare have recently closed a $5 million seed round of funding and Zillionize was proud to be apart of this round.

The funding will allow Brave Care to open new lightweight facilities in the Portland area that can help provide support to the main facility. It will also allow improvements to their electronic health records system.

For more details on Brave Care, head to


Taskade – The Unified Workspace


Taskade is a next generation team productivity and workflow management tool. It provides a unified workspace and allows team members to chat, write and get work done.

Founders John Xie, Dionis Liore and Stan Chang recently announced that they have raised $5m on the back of graduating from YC S19.

Zillionize is thrilled to have invested in Taskade’s raise and look forward to being apart of their journey to revolutionize team productivity.

Taskade helps teams stay competitive in this modern environment by cutting down the friction in planning, decision making, so teams can focus on doing.

Taskade allows you to keep track of tasks within each project and switch task list views between list, board, action and mindmap to find the perfect view for your project. It also includes built in real time communication including chat and video conferencing. The team calendar and road map allows teams to keep track of tasks, plan, manage and visualise projects.

Currently offering a free and paid tier for users, we recommend you give it a try. Check out to learn more.

Alpaca – Commission Free Stock Trading API


Zillionize is proud to invest in Alpaca, a commission-free API first stock brokerage.

Alpaca launched in October 2018 and recently took part in YC W19. The platform allows users to build and trade with real time market data for free.

Developers can build algorithmic trading, trading bots and artificial intelligence using the simple RESTful API.

Driven by a talented team and experienced founders, Alpaca is already on its way to shaking up the financial services industry processing over $25 million and 7 million API calls by March 2019.

“Alpaca is going to transform stock trading by making available to retail traders all of the technology and science that has transformed institutional trading,” said co-founder Yoshi Yokokawa on their initial launch.

“In the beginning, individual coders who build algorithmic strategies will be able to connect those algorithms with our commission-free trading API and begin trading on our platform. Over time, we’ll make algorithmic investment strategies available there to non-coder investors who want to manage their investment with customizable strategies such as automated asset allocation and rebalancing strategies, and they’ll never have to manually execute a buy or sell order again.”

Over the past 12 months Alpaca has continued to evolve into an easy to use, well documented API, supporting several open-source SDKs, tutorials and third party integrations.

We look forward to being a part of Alpaca changing how the world interacts with financial systems. To learn more about Alpaca check out

Rent the Backyard – Earn money renting out an apartment in your backyard

Rent the Backyard

Rent the Backyard allows homeowners to earn up to $12,000 by renting out a backyard studio apartment. The ambitious startup hopes to help fix housing shortages and will provide an additional source of income for homeowners.

Zillionize is excited to have recently invested in the company who participated in YC S19 Early Decision.

Rent the Backyard offers apartments at zero cost upfront for homeowners and also takes care of the construction and permitting. The apartments contain everything needed to live independently. Rental profits are split 50/50 providing a new monthly source of income for the homeowner.

Affordable housing is a rising problem with California lawmakers recently acknowledging this and providing a great opportunity for Rent the Backyard which has been featured on TechCrunch, ABC and NBC.

We look forward to seeing the strong team of co founders Brian Bakerman and Spencer Burleigh make a difference to homeowners and tenants.

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