Taskade – The Unified Workspace


Taskade is a next generation team productivity and workflow management tool. It provides a unified workspace and allows team members to chat, write and get work done.

Founders John Xie, Dionis Liore and Stan Chang recently announced that they have raised $5m on the back of graduating from YC S19.

Zillionize is thrilled to have invested in Taskade’s raise and look forward to being apart of their journey to revolutionize team productivity.

Taskade helps teams stay competitive in this modern environment by cutting down the friction in planning, decision making, so teams can focus on doing.


Taskade allows you to keep track of tasks within each project and switch task list views between list, board, action and mindmap to find the perfect view for your project. It also includes built in real time communication including chat and video conferencing. The team calendar and road map allows teams to keep track of tasks, plan, manage and visualise projects.

Currently offering a free and paid tier for users, we recommend you give it a try. Check out https://www.taskade.com to learn more.

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