Alpaca – Commission Free Stock Trading API


Zillionize is proud to invest in Alpaca, a commission-free API first stock brokerage.

Alpaca launched in October 2018 and recently took part in YC W19. The platform allows users to build and trade with real time market data for free.

Developers can build algorithmic trading, trading bots and artificial intelligence using the simple RESTful API.

Driven by a talented team and experienced founders, Alpaca is already on its way to shaking up the financial services industry processing over $25 million and 7 million API calls by March 2019.

“Alpaca is going to transform stock trading by making available to retail traders all of the technology and science that has transformed institutional trading,” said co-founder Yoshi Yokokawa on their initial launch.

“In the beginning, individual coders who build algorithmic strategies will be able to connect those algorithms with our commission-free trading API and begin trading on our platform. Over time, we’ll make algorithmic investment strategies available there to non-coder investors who want to manage their investment with customizable strategies such as automated asset allocation and rebalancing strategies, and they’ll never have to manually execute a buy or sell order again.”

Over the past 12 months Alpaca has continued to evolve into an easy to use, well documented API, supporting several open-source SDKs, tutorials and third party integrations.

We look forward to being a part of Alpaca changing how the world interacts with financial systems. To learn more about Alpaca check out

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