Rent the Backyard – Earn money renting out an apartment in your backyard

Rent the Backyard

Rent the Backyard allows homeowners to earn up to $12,000 by renting out a backyard studio apartment. The ambitious startup hopes to help fix housing shortages and will provide an additional source of income for homeowners.

Zillionize is excited to have recently invested in the company who participated in YC S19 Early Decision.

Rent the Backyard offers apartments at zero cost upfront for homeowners and also takes care of the construction and permitting. The apartments contain everything needed to live independently. Rental profits are split 50/50 providing a new monthly source of income for the homeowner.

Affordable housing is a rising problem with California lawmakers recently acknowledging this and providing a great opportunity for Rent the Backyard which has been featured on TechCrunch, ABC and NBC.

We look forward to seeing the strong team of co founders Brian Bakerman and Spencer Burleigh make a difference to homeowners and tenants.

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