spotLESS Materials – Keep your glass clean

Spotless Materials

Founded by PhDs Birgitt Boschitsch Stogin and Tak-Sing Wong in May 2018 spotLESS Materials provides easy to use surface coating products.

Our coatings stand out in their ease of application and in sludge repellency, but are also highly effective at repelling water and other substances as well.

Zillionize is a proud investor of this startup aiming to leverage their mechanical and materials expertise to address sticky problems.

Currently they are doing this by commercialising their super slippery, liquid-,sludge-, and bacteria-repellent bio-inspired self-healing surface coating.

The team initially targeted sanitation and have expanded beyond that to a product suitable for outdoor studios, the automotive industry and at home.  They have received a number of grants, awards and also completed YC S19.

We are looking forward to seeing spotLESS Materials address sticky problems with their slippery solutions. For more details check out

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