Albedo’s Groundbreaking Leap: $35M in Series A-1 Funding

Albedo, a frontrunner in delivering the sharpest satellite imagery available commercially, has once again made headlines with its latest Series A-1 funding round. In a significant boost to their mission, Albedo has successfully raised an extra $35 million in an extension to their Series A from late 2022, thanks to the confidence and backing of lead investor Standard Investments, among others. This remarkable achievement brings Albedo’s total funding to an impressive $97 million in this Series A.

As Zillionize’s seed investment blossoms, Albedo’s ambitious plan to launch its first operational satellite edges closer to reality. This funding will accelerate the deployment of their satellite constellation, promising unprecedented high-resolution imagery to sectors such as agriculture, insurance, and defense.

Topher Haddad, CEO of Albedo explains:

“The Series A-1 funding will be used to launch Albedo’s first operational satellite and accelerate constellation deployment — ultimately proving out and proliferating the world’s first high-res Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO platform)”

Topher Haddad, Albedo CEO
Topher Haddad Albedo CEO.

Albedo’s commitment to enhancing earth observation technology is unwavering. With the support of its investors, the company is set to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in satellite imagery, bringing invaluable data to businesses and governments worldwide.

Albedo is advancing its satellite constellation to capture unparalleled 10 cm optical and 2 m thermal infrared imagery. This breakthrough mirrors the precision currently achieved by drones or planes but extends it globally, offering high-frequency, on-demand coverage. This innovation marks a significant leap in the capabilities of satellite imaging, providing detailed observations at a scale and frequency previously unattainable.

We’re excited to watch Albedo’s growth and ambition flourish, we can’t wait to see the results the constellation will bring in time.

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