Zillionize Invests in Protonet – Private Cloud Servers for Enterprises

The major concern for enterprises has always been the security and privacy of their data. And since everything has gone to Cloud, this concern has grown even stronger because most of the apps enterprises use for their business operations, are hosted on public clouds. Many popular apps also provide on-premise versions to address data privacy concerns of businesses but running and maintaining private cloud servers for using those apps is also expensive. Meet Protonet that brings cost effective private cloud servers to businesses!

Protonet – Private cloud servers for businesses

Zillionize is proud to announce about its new portfolio startup, Protonet – a magical box that brings the power of a secure private cloud server to your business. Using Protonet, businesses can use popular cloud software in their own private clouds. For example, currently, Protonet is your on-premise Dropbox that you can setup and start using in less than 5 minutes. With Protonet, your data never leaves your office. In future, businesses would also be able to use more popular cloud software like Slack, Asana and JIRA etc. on Protonet’s private cloud servers. More than 2000 companies are using Protonet at the moment. Give it a try!

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