Zillionize Invests in DeepGram – Speech API

When we think about search, we mostly think about Google search engine which helps us to find required information on the web using  specific keywords. We use these keywords to find relevant webpages, documents, images, videos etc. How about a Google for audio that helps you to locate the moment a keyword or phrase is mentioned in your audio? Meet DeepGram who is building a Google for Audio!

DeepGram – Speech API to spot keywords in audio

Zillionize is glad to announce that it has also added DeepGram to its growing list of portfolio startups. DeepGram, using artificial intelligence, allows you to spot keywords and get insights in audio. There are lots of speech-to-text engines available in the market but DeepGram’s technology is far more accurate as compared to them. DeepGram can be useful for many industries including call centers where companies can build insight about their products, issues and competitors etc. from recorded audio to develop better business strategies and even for common users who can locate perfect audio/video clips using keywords spotting.

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