Zillionize Invests in JumpCut – An Education Platform that Creates Captivating Online Courses

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Online courses have helped widen access to quality education to anyone with an Internet connection. However, they have failed to take advantage of the medium to make learning more engaging. The result is that the average completion rate is an appallingly low 15 percent.

The Jumpcut team believes that this is a result of a lack of innovation in the industry. Some degree of ingenuity has been shown in the platforms (interactive quizzes, specialized video controls, etc.) but the content itself hasn’t changed much. It’s usually just a professor behind a lectern using a whiteboard or slides. Jumpcut turns this format on its head with educational content that is more akin to a full-fledged production than an amateur recording of a lecture.

JumpCut – An Education Platform that Creates Captivating Online Courses

Every lesson uploaded to the platform makes use of storytelling techniques to keep learners hooked. They also employ best practices in video production like CGI and cinematography to make the content more visually interesting. Because of the unique presentation, plenty of top influencers have been roped in to teaching courses. Find out more on JumpCut’s website.