Zillionize Invests in Metapacket – an Intelligent Antimalware Solution

For government organizations and data-driven corporations like banks and payments companies, security has always been a great challenge and the top priority. To protect themselves against any possible data leaks, corporations use different kinds of threat detection software, including antimalware programs that usually work by analyzing outbound network traffic.

However, trying to detect malware based on where it’s sending data can be complicated by hackers looping in legitimate services to mask malicious intent. Rather than trying to assess where data is being sent, Metapacket’s technology focuses on trying to determine whether network traffic is really being generated by a human or not.

Metapacket – an Intelligent Antimalware Solution

Unlike all other proxy or web-analysis solutions, Metapacket not just passively looks at the data, but is challenging the user and browser to prove that they’re human. Automated processes are whitelisted and anything remaining is malware.

In order for malware writers to workaround Metapacket’s detection system, they would have to create complex programs of a few megabytes that mimic human beings’ behavior, which would in turn be at risk of flagging up the presence of malicious software on the network. For more details, please visit Metapacket’s website.