Zillionize Invests in Innov8 – Coworking Spaces for Startups and Freelancers in India

Indian freelance economy has exploded in recent years. There are an estimated 15 million freelancers currently working in the country, and the number is growing rapidly.

One of the biggest expenses today for young entrepreneurs in India is real estate. Indian cities are crowded and still lack of reliable infrastructure. In an average day in India, the Internet may go down multiple times.

The raising demand on reliable and affordable workspaces made coworking spaces burgeoning in India. To meet the demands of this growing market, Innov8 is building coworking campuses across the country.

Innov8 – Coworking Spaces for Startups and Freelancers in India

Innov8 has already built two centers in Delhi and Chandigarh with 100 percent occupancy and a 200 person waitlist. The coworking spaces offer high-speed internet backed by three Wi-Fi systems so that freelancers can continue to do their work even if the first and second Wi-Fi networks go down. Each of the campuses also provides power backup and easy access to public transportation.

Innov8 has plans to expand to other metro cities soon, and aim to become the premier coworking space in every major developing city around the world. Visit Innov8’s site for more details.

Zillionize Invests in JumpCut – An Education Platform that Creates Captivating Online Courses

Online courses have helped widen access to quality education to anyone with an Internet connection. However, they have failed to take advantage of the medium to make learning more engaging. The result is that the average completion rate is an appallingly low 15 percent.

The Jumpcut team believes that this is a result of a lack of innovation in the industry. Some degree of ingenuity has been shown in the platforms (interactive quizzes, specialized video controls, etc.) but the content itself hasn’t changed much. It’s usually just a professor behind a lectern using a whiteboard or slides. Jumpcut turns this format on its head with educational content that is more akin to a full-fledged production than an amateur recording of a lecture.

JumpCut – An Education Platform that Creates Captivating Online Courses

Every lesson uploaded to the platform makes use of storytelling techniques to keep learners hooked. They also employ best practices in video production like CGI and cinematography to make the content more visually interesting. Because of the unique presentation, plenty of top influencers have been roped in to teaching courses. Find out more on JumpCut’s website.

Zillionize Invests in OMG Digital – a BuzzFeed for African Millennials

Since late 90s Africa has shown to be one of the fastest growing regions according to the World Bank. Steady economic growth and urbanization processes over the last two decades have led to emerging of new industries in Africa. One such industry is media, and OMG Digital is one of the most prominent companies in the industry.

OMG Digital is creating publications for Africa’s 250 million millennials. Their first site, OMGVoice, is the top destination to discover and share original content focused on African pop-culture, entertainment and lifestyle. Within just 5 months since the launch, OMGVoice has grown its readership to 3 million unique readers monthly.

OMG Digital
OMG Digital – a BuzzFeed for African Millennials

The majority of millennials in Africa these days are on mobile. While other African media companies are stuck in the past trying to recreate the print experience online, OMG Digital is focused on delivering mobile-friendly experience from day one. This makes OMG Digital look very attractive for brands who want to reach young Africans.

Currently OMGVoice serves in 3 African countries: Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, but the founders have plans on launching it soon in Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia. Eventually, the goal is to become the leading entertainment media platform, the BuzzFeed for Africa. For more details on the media site, please visit OMGVoice.

Zillionize Invests in SIXA – a Desktop Virtualization Startup

Professional software used by developers, designers and architects is becoming more powerful and resource hungry virtually each year. To keep up with the latest technologies, individuals and companies are forced to continually upgrade their hardware.

There is also an army of gamers, who are forced into buying $1k+ high-end gaming PCs instead of spending those money on new games and gaming equipment like VR headsets.

Meet SIXA – a desktop virtualization startup that offers a solution to reduce overhead on upgrading hardware and yet have the power of a high-end desktop PC required to run even the most demanding software.

SIXA – a Desktop Virtualization Startup

SIXA lets users access power computers in the cloud. It offers custom computer setups for developers, designers and gamers. Each setup comes with preinstalled software for their specific use cases. A basic computer setup currently includes an Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 (Haswell) processor, 30GB of RAM and 200GB SSD Disk. Users can add more power by ordering higher specs.

With SIXA, users can deploy and control multiple virtual computers in a single account. For example, developers may have individual setups for different projects, being able to switch between them with just a couple of clicks.

SIXA’s virtual computers can be accessed from a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and even SmartTVs. To learn more about the startup, visit SIXA’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Simbi – an Online Marketplace Where People Can Barter their Skills and Services

There are millions of freelancers and independent workers out there who would be happy to share their experience with the world while learning new skills and getting professional advice from others. Then there are a lot of small-scale entrepreneurs and beginner freelancers who just start their entrepreneurship journey and can’t afford to spend tons of cash on 3rd party services they need.

Solution? A barter economy, where everyone can offer services that they are good at and get services they need in return, all without having to spend cash. Meet Simbi – an online marketplace that connects people across the globe to let them barter their services and experience.

Simbi – an Online Marketplace Where People Can Barter their Skills and Services

Basically, Simbi is a freelance bartering exchange marketplace. It provides a way for freelancers and independent workers to turn their unbooked hours into real economic value.

Founded in 2015, Simbi already lists over 15,000 services offered by users on the platform. The services offered range from copywriting, website design and app development to drawing lessons, local travel guides, cooking advice, etc.

Users can list their services on Simbi for free and assign a value to their offerings through credits. Members can then exchange services directly or use credits, to compensate one another. For more details, visit Simbi’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Multiply Labs – a 3D-printed Supplement Pill with a Time-Release Twist

Most supplements present on the market rarely take into account your personal nutritional needs, weight, gender, time schedule and lifestyle. This makes it hard to have complete control over components you get with one or another supplement package. What is worse, when you take different supplements aimed at improving different aspects of your health or productivity, certain minerals and vitamins from one package can potentially cancel those from the other. What you end up with is a box with multiple supplement pills that you have to carry over with you all day long and take one or another pill in accordance to a strict schedule.

Not until now… Meet Multiply Labs – latest portfolio startup of Zillionize, which was founded to provide individuals the freedom to customize their intake of supplements.

Multiply Labs
Multiply Labs – a 3D-printed Supplement Pill with a Time-Release Twist

Unlike most of the one-size-fits-all supplement packages, Multiply Labs allows you to design and get a personalized capsule by manually selecting the vitamins and minerals you need and their quantity combinations.

What is more important, Multiply Labs’s technology makes it possible to control the release of certain nutrients at certain intervals throughout the day. This is a truly revolutionary technology, which makes it possible to swallow just one pill when you’d normally need to take multiple pills at different times to get the same effect.

While Multiply Labs only focuses on production of personalized supplements currently, the timed release technology can potentially be widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about the startup on Multiply Labs’s site.

AirHelp – Online Legal Service to Claim Compensation on Flight Delays Raises $12M


It’s just two years ago when we invested in AirHelp and our portfolio startup has kept growing since then. To keep this growth steady and even expand further, AirHelp has now successfully raised $12M in Series A funding round from many investors. Some notable investors include Evan Williams and Khosla Ventures.

AirHelp promises to get you money from airlines when you deserve it. And they’ve helped 900,000 customers so far — sometimes even filing lawsuits on their behalf.

AirHelp wants to “take all that hassle and paperwork away from people,” co-founder and CEO Henrik Zillmer tells TechCrunch. We “saw an opportunity in automating the process so we could handle thousands of claims and not necessarily have to do it manually.”

This is particularly useful in Europe, where customers are legally entitled to refunds for significant delays. (In the U.S., you must pay for travel insurance.)

Please read full story at TechCrunch.