AirHelp – Online Legal Service to Claim Compensation on Flight Delays Raises $12M


It’s just two years ago when we invested in AirHelp and our portfolio startup has kept growing since then. To keep this growth steady and even expand further, AirHelp has now successfully raised $12M in Series A funding round from many investors. Some notable investors include Evan Williams and Khosla Ventures.

AirHelp promises to get you money from airlines when you deserve it. And they’ve helped 900,000 customers so far — sometimes even filing lawsuits on their behalf.

AirHelp wants to “take all that hassle and paperwork away from people,” co-founder and CEO Henrik Zillmer tells TechCrunch. We “saw an opportunity in automating the process so we could handle thousands of claims and not necessarily have to do it manually.”

This is particularly useful in Europe, where customers are legally entitled to refunds for significant delays. (In the U.S., you must pay for travel insurance.)

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