Armory – Spinnaker Based Enterprise Grade Software Delivery Platform Raises $40M in Series C

Armory - Enterprise Grade Software Delivery Platform

After two years of our last announcement, we are back with an exciting news about our portfolio startup, Armory which has just raised $40M in Series C. The funding round was led by B Capital Group in participation with Bain Capital Ventures, Javelin Venture Partners, Mango Capital, Lead Edge Capital, Insight Partners, Crosslink Capital, Marc Benioff and Y Combinator. Armory’s total raised amount now stands at $82M after this Series C.

Just to share a little background, Armory offers an enterprise-grade software delivery platform with collaboration, scalability and safety in mind. The platform is built on top of Spinnaker (a popular multi-cloud continuous delivery software open sourced by Netflix and Google) and offers flexible pricing plans for small teams and enterprises starting from $60K per year. Armory is founded by Ben Mappen and Daniel Odio who have already worked together at ShareThis, a company that builds sharing tools for user engagement.

Odio points out that this project has the backing of industry leaders, including the three leading public cloud infrastructure vendors Amazon, Microsoft and Google, as well as other cloud players like CloudFoundry and HashiCorp. “The fact that there is a lot of open-source community support for this project means that it is becoming the new standard for cloud-native software delivery,” he said.

While he didn’t want to discuss customer numbers, he mentioned JPMorgan Chase and Autodesk as customers, along with less specific allusions to “a Fortune Five technology company, a Fortune 20 Bank, a Fortune 50 retailer and a Fortune 100 technology company.”

The company currently has 75 employees, but Odio says business has been booming and he plans to double the team in the next year. As he does, he says that he is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion.

“There’s actually a really big difference between diversity and inclusion, and there’s a great Vernā Myers quote that diversity is being asked to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance, and so it’s actually important for us not only to focus on diversity, but also focus on inclusion because that’s how we win. By having a heterogeneous company, we will outperform a homogeneous company,” he said.

Please read full story at TechCrunch.

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