Eight – Smart Sleep Products Developer Raises $5M

Almost two years ago, we invested in Eight (formerly called Luna and member of YCombinator’s Summer 2015 batch), a technology company that produces smart sleep products specially the smart mattress that includes a cozy mattress and smart cover which tracks your sleep and connects with your mobile through its app to show sleep data trends that can help you improve your sleep.

There has been a great demand of smart sleep technology like Eight but to further expand its business and market reach, it’s important to have more money in your reserves. And to keep moving forward on the road of success, Eight has raised $5M in series A round which increases its total funding amount to $11.62M.

Its technology tracks your sleep, allowing you to monitor the data on your phone and interacting with other ‘smart’ home products to warm your bed or start brewing your morning coffee. The tracker, which retails at $349 for a Queen, sold out of its 8,000 pre-orders.

Investors in this round include Yunqi Partners, Azure Capital, Y Combinator, Stanford StartX fund, Comcast Ventures, and Sinovation Ventures.

On Tuesday, as well as announcing its Series A, Eight will open the doors to its first showroom in downtown Manhattan. At the Eight Suite, shoppers can test out the startup’s mattresses, as well as see firsthand how its technology integrates with other ‘smart’ home brands like auto-thermostat devices from Nest.

Please read full story at Forbes.

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