Zillionize Invests in PickTrace – A Platform for Farm Owners to Manage Harvest and Labor Productivity

During busy harvesting season, it is much harder task for farm owners to track the quantity of crop picked by a laborer and pay wages accordingly. Further counting the working hours of workers in the fields, monitoring their productivity, salaries management and keeping records of produce that is harvested on daily basis requires intensive management job that become critical when there are records of hundreds of employees to manage. Here comes PickTrace to solve this problem.

PickTrace – A Platform for Form Owners to Manage Harvest and Labor Productivity
PickTrace – A Platform for Farm Owners to Manage Harvest and Labor Productivity

Zillionize has invested on PickTrace – A platform for farm owners to manage harvest and labor productivity. Each laborer is assigned a unique barcode-enabled ID to make attendance and time to start. When they submit their picking at collections counters; a Bluetooth enabled scale automatically counts the weight, employee name, time he consumed for picking and from which part of the field it was picked.

The produce pricing are already settled and saved in the system so pickers are paid instantly and accurately according to the weight or number of baskets (as per the produce type). Farmers can also view these stats in the real time in their computers or on the go using their mobile devices. PickTrace is a combination of hardware and software to resolve a real problem of farming industry with enhanced management of employees and harvest.

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