Zillionize Invests in TransAstra Corporation – Unleashing Industry in Space

Founded by space technology pioneer Joel Sercel, TransAstra Corporation provides revolutionary orbital logistics to help unleash industry in space.

With many proprietary inventions, TransAstra Corporation plans to build and fly space tugs from their position in orbit to their chosen destination in orbit. Additionally, tugs will cost effectively mine asteroids, generate new fuel sources and catalyse the growth of heavy industry in outer space.

Some of the teams innovations to date include, but is not limited to:

  • Omnivore™ Thruster – an affordable engine that can use any volatile fluid as propellent.
  • Apis™ Flight Systems – a fleet of OTVs and mining vehicles that will supply and service cislunar orbits.
  • Sun Flower™ Power Tower – a non-nuclear innovation to convert lunar volatile resources into usable feedstocks.
  • Optical Mining™ – uses concentrated sunlight to excavate and extract propellant feedstocks from volatile-rich asteroids, moons, and planetary surfaces.
  • Beetle™ Lunar Rover – a long duration, electric powered rover that uses a fundamentally new non-contact method of volatile resource collection called Radiant Gas Dynamic (RGD) mining.

Check out the video below introducing TransAstra Corporation’s Worker Bees:

In support of it’s break through innovations, TransAstra Corporation has received over $4.5m in NASA and have recently completed YCombinator S21 batch. Unsurprisingly, they have received a lot of interest from other space companies looking to utilize their services.

Zillionize is thrilled to include TransAstra Corporation in our portfolio. To learn more about how they will revolutionize the space industry, visit https://www.transastracorp.com.