Zillionize Invests in Cloudthread – Cloud cost efficiency. Engineering first.

Founded by ex-Lyft, Citrix and EA engineers, Cloudthread is an analytics platform that helps engineering teams build cost-efficiently in the cloud. Building on deep learnings from creating cloud cost management systems at scale, Cloudthread uses that expertise to help organizations save hours of engineering time, reduce cloud bills, and prevent costly re-architectures.

The key feature of Cloudthread is to combine cloud billing data with application performance telemetry to report engineering-focused cloud cost unit metrics (e.g. $ / endpoint, $ / query). This “cloud cost telemetry” data is reported to Ops and Devs teams through the tools they are already using (e.g. New Relic, Splunk, Datadog). This gives a convenient way for engineering teams to act in accordance with cost-efficiency requirements they are increasingly getting from finance teams. Rather than waiting for cloud costs to increase and then fixing the architecture or code, engineering teams can make cost-effective decisions during development.

Co-Founder and CEO, Daniele Packard experienced the agility the cloud provides, but also the challenge around visibility and adapting to distributed accountability for infrastructure costs while working at Citrix and Samasource. His ambition is for Cloudthread to, “empower[s] companies to bridge the gap between infrastructure and product development to achieve the value of the cloud with confidence”.

Ilia Semenov is another founder and acts as CPO. He has been involved in cloud financial management efforts at leading Silicon Valley companies such as Lyft and EA. Ilia has seen first-hand how engineering teams struggle with cloud costs and constant pressure from the business side. After being involved in in-house solutions to address this issue he is now putting that experience into helping more companies by building the Cloudthread platform.

The final member of the founding team, CTO Thomas Yopes, has developed data engineering and analytical strategies across multiple environments, most recently at Freeletics. “Cloudthread wants to give all companies the tools to implement an analytical culture rooted in unit cost metrics that will improve cloud financial decision making across teams”.

Cloudthread are a YCombinator-backed company, having taken part in the Summer 21 batch.

Zillionize is excited to have Cloudthread in our portfolio, complimenting other DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure investments we have previously made. We believe their technology could be a game-changer for many development teams in controlling their cloud costs and are excited to see them develop. Visit https://www.cloudthread.io to learn more.