Brave Care – Pediatric primary, urgent care and telehealth startup raises $25m Series B alongside announcing key strategic partnership.

Brave Care is a group of kid-only primary and urgent care clinics that create a comfortable environment for little ones and reduce the stress and cost of emergency medicine for parents. Zillionize invested in Brave Care during the YCombinator S19 batch.

Darius Monsef, founder and CEO of Brave Care explains:

I’m feeling very proud to announce our $25M Series B funding and our national partnership with Pediatrix (Mednax, Inc. (NYSE: MD)) that will extend the Brave Care experience to kids across the country. This brings our total funding to $43M which is an incredible amount of trust and belief our investors have in our team and our vision to build the best pediatric care experiences.

Median CEO, Mark Ordan commented:

We believe that Brave’s team, proprietary technology and comprehensive suite of services and operating systems will help enable us to provide an amazing continuum of patient-first care and a one-of-a-kind patient and family experience

Brave Care has had a busy two years. A pandemic, recession, fires, ice storms, heatwaves, and floods. They’ve overcome the many challenges that have been presented to them. At the same time, they’ve delivered top-quality care to over 20,000 children. Brave Care has an NPS score in the 90s which is exceptional as well as a testament to the quality of service the team is delivering.

Darius continues:

But 20,000 isn’t just a number to us. Those were 20,000 children that needed help. 20,000 parents or caregivers who were worried about somebody who matters most to them in the world. 26 of those were me and my children, so I know intimately how powerful a great care experience for a child can be. I have the highest respect and appreciation for all medical workers who have been on the front lines during COVID, and it is an honor to be able to lead our own team of these exceptional people.

Our mission has always been to help every child reach their full potential… because every child doesn’t only live in major cities or have affluent parents who can afford concierge level medical care. Brave Care provides the most complete pediatric care with primary, urgent care and telehealth… in beautiful clinics, across modern technology and digital tools… affordably.

Darius signs off by saying:

There is no better purpose than to improve the life of a child. I’m so honored to make that my life’s work.

You can read more about the important work Brave Care is doing as well as the partnership with Median here.