Rippling – All-in-One Employee Management Platform Raises $145M in Series B


Rippling, an all-in-one employee management platform managing all types of data about employees has raised a huge $145M in Series B after they had a Series A of $45M just an year ago.

Collectively, Rippling’s total funding amount now stands at $197M. The latest funding round was led by Founders Fund with help from Y Combinator, Kleiner Perkins, Initialized Capital, Greenoaks Capital, Bedrock Capital and Coatue Management.

First is the business itself. HR and employee management software are two major areas of IT that have faced a lot of fragmentation over the years, with many businesses opting for a cocktail of services covering disparate areas like employee onboarding, payroll, benefits, device management, app provisioning and permissions and more. That’s been even more the case among smaller organizations in the 2-1,000 employee range that Rippling targets.

Rippling is approaching that bigger challenge as one that can be tackled by a single platform — the theory being that managing HR employee data is essentially part and parcel of good management of IT data permissions and device provision. This funding is a signal of how both investors and customers are buying into Rippling and its approach, even if right now the majority of customers don’t onboard with the full suite of services. (Some 75% are usually signing up with HR products, Conrad noted.)

“We like to think of ourselves as a Salesforce for employee data,” Conrad said, “and by that, we think that employee data is more than just HR. We want to manage access to all of your third-party business apps, your computer and other devices. It’s when you combine all that that you can manage employees well.”

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