Rippling – The Employee Management Platform Raises $45M in Series A


Rippling, an ambitious employee management platform that aims to automate every process from the hiring to termination of employees raises $45M in Series A funding round led by Kleiner Perkins in participation with Y Combinator, Threshold, NJF Capital and Initialized Captial.

After two years of its seed round, Rippling’s current Series A raises its total funding amount to $52M. During these two years, Rippling’s 40 engineers focused more on building integrations with 100+ popular cloud apps and services related to Single Sign On (SSO), HR and IT. These 3rd party integrations will help Rippling deliver better user experience to its customers and let them manage everything about their employees within the Rippling’s platform.

Forty-five million dollars. “I know that rounds are bigger these days, but still, for a Series A, that’s pretty substantial,” Conrad tells me with a wide grin over coffee at San Francisco’s Four Barrel. “We want to keep doubling down on the engineering, investing and putting more money into R&D, so we have real product advantages and technology advantages over other players in our space, even though a lot of them have been around a lot longer than we have.” The Information‘s Zoe Bernard had reported Rippling was raising at least $30 million.

Rippling only truly began hiring more than engineers when it came out of stealth a year ago. Now the startup has established two lucrative business models. First, it earns reseller fees from other enterprise tool makers when people buy them through the Rippling gateway. Any developer with a well-established brand becomes an integrated Rippling partner. It’s not going to try to out-build Zoom or Mailchimp. “As Rippling is successful, what I think it can do is bring a lot of customers to these other businesses. If you can bring down the marginal cost of adding an N+1 business system, there’s a lot less hesitation about adding products.” Customers want more utility, just without the headache.

Now with Rippling’s  business revving up and plenty of cash to fuel the engine, Conrad tells me his biggest concern is hiring the right people. “The really challenging thing in a company is when the headcount grows too quickly. I’m making sure we don’t do things like more than double headcount in a 12-month period,” he tells me.

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