MTailor – Custom Clothing Startup with AI-Based Measurement Technology Raises $5.2M

Added in 2014 to our portfolio, MTailor – a custom clothing company that uses mobile app to take measurements with its special machine learning algorithms, has raised $5.2M in Series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures.

MTailor claims that their machine learning algorithms measure with 20% more accuracy than a tailor and that’s done in less than 30 seconds. MTailor takes 7-9 upper body where as 6-7 lower body measurements to stitch custom fit clothes including Shirts, Jeans, Blazers, Tees, Chinos and Dress Pants. All clothes are stitched from Bangladesh. MTailor started with creating clothes for men only however now they are also stitching for women but only limited to Jeans with aims to offer more options in future. Average delivery time for MTailor products within United States is 2 weeks except Suits that take 3 weeks.

Penn, who is the company’s chief executive officer, said, “We used the [mobile] phone to develop the technology. We told people to [have] the phone upright, stand six feet away so it can take a full-length photo and spin around once. Because we were figuring measurements, most of the men would send photos of themselves wearing an Under Armour shirt and shorts. Using AI, from that spin we can build a 3-D scan of the whole body and get a digital measurement on everything from the bicep to the chest measurement and other areas.”

The company is vertically integrated, with manufacturing in Bangladesh and fabric sourcing done locally, although some fabrics are also sourced from China. A typical order is completed in under two weeks, and some items such as shirts can be filled in about a week. Starting price points for men’s shirts are $69; jeans, $69; chinos, $99; dress pants, $169; blazers, $349 and suits, $499. Women’s jeans start at $79.

Keith Rabois, lead partner from Khosla on the deal, said, “Advances in the quality of smartphone cameras now allow anyone to make an accurate scan of their body from their home in under 30 seconds. There is no reason anyone should be wearing off-the-rack clothing, when MTailor can provide professional-level custom clothing.”

So far MTailor has raised $5.6 million to date. The Series A includes $3 million in new money, and $2.2 million in SAFES from a seed investment from Khosla, which was converted to equity in the Series A round. SAFES are a form of debt similar to a loan that are converted into shares of preferred stock when the Series A round is closed. The balance was an initial friends and family raise.

Please read the full story at WWD.

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