Zillionize Invests in Lambda School – Online Computer Science Education with Income-Based Repayment

Whether you have programmed before or not but you are really motivated to build your career in programming then what options do you have?

Option 1: Self study through online tutorials or going through online courses from sites like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight or Lynda etc.?

Yes, it may work for some people but not for the most. It lacks the physical contact, mentoring and guidance from instructors like we experience in educational institutes, colleges or universities. You always want someone who can guide you through best practices being used in the software industry, who can walk you through most common issues faced by professional programmers in real life, who can review your code and tell you how can you further optimize it. Yes, you can also use various programming communities including stackoverflow.com for guidance from other programmers but it’s time consuming and can also be frustrating some times to get help if your questions get under the radar of moderators.

Option 2: Getting a Bachelor or Master degree?

Well, that’s good and can help in boosting your career but there are two constraints. First, it’s expensive. According to a recent study, a bachelor degree may cost you from $12K to $35K per year depending upon if you choose a state university or a private one. Similarly, a master degree in computer sciences may cost you around $25K per year. Second, it’s time consuming. You may have to study 2-4 years according to the degree you want.

And finally, even after getting a degree or improving your skills through self study, the most important thing you want is a stable career with better earning. Isn’t it?

If so, now you have another option which is less time consuming, focused, without any up-front costs and can help you get a $50K+ per year job. The name of this option is Lambda School.

Lambda School – Online Computer Science Education with Income-Based Repayment

We are happy to announce about our latest portfolio, Lambda School, a fresh graduate from YCombinator’s Summer 2017 batch that aims to change the future of computer science education. Unlike normal institutions, colleges, universities or online education services that make students pay first to learn, Lambda School invests in select number of ambitious and motivated individuals. Once selected, these individuals get full time (9 AM to 5 PM) interactive study with live classes directly from Silicon Valley, one-on-one help, real projects and frequent code reviews by world-class instructors for six months.

Lambda School is not a computer science degree but it’s not a boot camp either. Lambda School is not about self study or going through learning resources. It’s a lot of one on one time with instructors on daily basis to get you ready with the highly demanding skills in the market. Not just technical skills, Lambda School also prepares you for interviews and once the class ends, Lambda School arranges a Demo Night in which all of its hiring partners (companies) can either meet the students physically in San Francisco Bay Area or attend it online for the selection.

Since there are no up-front costs for students at Lambda School so it earns only when you get a job in software-related field paying more than $50K per year and repayment is 17% of salary for 2 years. Repayment is also capped at $30K max, so the most Lambda School could possibly take is $30K.

Even Lambda School’s classes can be virtually attended by anyone from anywhere in the world though it’s more suitable for US residents since income-based repayments don’t work for the ones living outside US. Non-US applicants can also take up courses but they will have to pay up-front at least $10K which are not very good terms for non-US citizens since the startup financial model is not internationalized at the moment.

Currently, Lambda School is offering two courses. One course focuses on Computer Science and Software Engineering that starts on the first of each month and other course that starts after every three months, provides training on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. If you are interested then don’t wait and Apply Now.

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