Zillionize Invests In Smarking – Data Analytics For Parking Industry

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In US, there are 600 million parking spots for 300 million people but still it’s hard for people to find available parking. Smarking solves this problem for businesses and consumers using their predictive data analytics.

Smarking – Data Analytics for Parking Industry
Smarking – Data Analytics for Parking Industry

Zillionize has invested in Smarking – a smart parking solution for the industry that predicts parking demand based on historical data. Using Smarking, parking managers can forecast that when there parking spots would be free or more busy. Based on that, parking managers can offer better prices to consumers like reduced prices can be advertised for customers during less demanded periods. Moreover, parking managers can also make better decisions to manage staffing based on when they would need less or more staff. Sparking is intelligent, secure and just needs a phone call to set up.

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