Zillionize Invests in Tavus – Make personalized outreach videos at scale with AI

Founded by an ex-Apple and Google team. Hassaan Raza, Rishabh Dhar, and Quinn Favret formed Tavus to give sales and marketing teams a scalable approach to the production of personalized video. Tavus was accepted into YCombinator and were part of the YC S21 batch of companies.

CEO Hassaan Raza explains, “We knew personalized videos work. They’ve been proven to drive more immersive experiences, increased conversions, and spike in views. What makes those videos work is the feeling of exclusivity. The feeling that someone made this video for me. The feeling that the person on the other side is real. The key is, well, you.

The video below shows just what the team has created and what the technology is capable of:

Hassaan continued, “Our goal was to create AI videos so immersive and so authentic that it’s impossible to tell that they were generated. We think you’ll agree we’ve reached that goal. We’ve had Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and startups alike use our platform with incredible results.

Personalized videos are well known to increase conversion rates. Saying a customer’s name in a video improves conversions up to 500%. Some of Tavus’ customers have reported a 2.5x increase in open rates and clicks.

Welcome Videos are the initial focus of the Tavus product, but the team envisages the technology will have great utility in other verticals. Real Estate, Recruitment, Customer Success, and E-Commerce are all markets the team plan to explore.

Zillionize is proud to have Tavus in our portfolio. We believe their productization of deep-fake technology will be a driver for AI-driven sales and customer interaction. Visit https://www.tavus.io/ to learn more.