Acquires Salesforce Productivity App, Hero Research acquires Hero Research

Update: Hero Research app is now PeopleGlass.

After acquiring a Salesforce application, ClosePlan a few months ago, our portfolio startup, has acquired Hero Research, another Salesforce application to improve users’ productivity.

Hero Research app works as an interaction layer for Salesforce to save users’ time by letting them manage Salesforce content easily with the help of custom Sheets which display Salesforce data in the form of spreadsheets letting users to add filters, search and update records in bulk etc. and Forms which let users adding and managing accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, notes and tasks etc. Another handy feature offered by Hero Research app is the support of Hot Keys that let users to quickly perform tasks and improve their productivity.

“’s acquisition of Hero Research is changing the game for enterprise sales teams who use Salesforce,” said Oleg Rogynskyy, founder and CEO at “Companies run sales on CRM, yet virtually every rep and manager we meet runs a shadow spreadsheet to manage what’s actually happening in their territories. Finally, we’re able to bring the two worlds together with and Hero Research’s best-in-class solution, so sales teams have the flexibility to manage their pipeline, territories, and activities in an optimal way, ultimately closing more deals.”

The combination of Hero Research and removes decades of tension between the rep and the sales organization, allowing reps to take a highly customized approach to the way they run their territory while still respecting the systems and processes companies implement to scale their business. With the acquisition, reps can create a personalized Salesforce interface as easily as creating a Google Sheet — the entire experience is consolidated behind a single, easy-to-use view with ultra-efficient read-write access to Salesforce.

“We immediately saw the value in joining forces with,” said Daniel Chen, co-founder and CEO at Hero Research and former partner at Andreessen Horowitz. “We think there’s a huge opportunity in redefining the day-to-day sales rep experience and look forward to solidifying our leadership in the revenue operations and intelligence market.”

“Combining our unique dataset with’s AI-driven insights creates a sales productivity solution unlike any other vendor in the market. Customers who have used the solution are reporting an increase of up to 25% in selling time,” added Morgan Bender, co-founder at Hero Research and former partner at Andreessen Horowitz. “I’m excited to be rejoining the team and looking forward to taking the market by storm.”

In addition to acquiring Hero Research, is launching a new embedded Salesforce experience that gives sales reps and managers the ability to increase sales productivity, consume AI-driven insights, drive repeatable coaching cadence, and close more deals faster, all natively inside Salesforce. This includes the coaching console, an AI-driven cockpit that consolidates team performance, deal health, and sales rep-specific recommendations.

“CRM is the place where most sales organizations want their reps and managers to spend their time. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a rep that isn’t trying to fill critical CRM gaps by stitching together a patchwork of other siloed sales tools without a cohesive workflow,” said Thomas Wyatt, chief product and strategy officer at “With the experience available inside of Salesforce, sales teams gain access to all of the data and insights they love incorporated into their daily workflows in a simple and unified way. That has a massive impact on CRM adoption and utilization.”

“ has become the platform that every level of our sales team relies on to drive sales productivity,” said Nick Bogaty, chief revenue and customer officer at AppDynamics. “The new Salesforce experience is another example of how is delivering the value we can’t get from any other vendor. It’s going to be a game-changer for our reps.”

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