Zillionize Invests in inFeedo – AI Chatbot Based Employee Engagement Solution

Whether you are an employer or HR (Human Resource) manager, you would agree that how important it is to retain your best employees and good companies always try to remain updated about interests, experiences and satisfaction levels of their employees. It helps them to not only better understand their employees but also build a corporate culture that ensures the growth of both: employees and the business itself.

Companies conduct several types of employee surveys, HR meetings with employees and/or use employee engagement tools to build insight about employees. Sometimes, employees are reluctant to share something in a face to face meeting so engagement tools help to get them speak more freely but these tools still lack human touch.

This is where our new portfolio startup, inFeedo comes in which uses an AI-based Chatbot named as Amber to have conversations with the employees like a human.

Zillionize Invests in inFeedo - AI Chatbot Based Employee Engagement Solution
Zillionize Invests in inFeedo – AI Chatbot Based Employee Engagement Solution

inFeedo was founded in 2016 by Tanmaya Jain and Vrun Puri. Recently, it got enrolled and graduated from Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 batch to re-launch inFeedo globally on wider scale. More than 100 businesses in 50+ countries are already using inFeedo successfully.

inFeedo includes a custom built Employee Experience Framework that helps enterprises to choose right questions for right moments. Those questions are then asked at the right time by inFeedo’s bot, Amber from employees in a personalized manner. The bot, Amber is equipped with sentiment analysis which helps her to understand employees and then respond them in a sympathetic manner. It helps employees to share their experience more openly. Based on feedback from employees, inFeedo builds insight like which employees are happy and which are not, which ones are enjoying their job and which ones are not and who might be planning to leave etc. and timely update related stakeholders for taking necessary actions.

inFeedo offers paid plans from starter to enterprise levels starting from $999/month. You may also check out inFeedo’s ROI Calculator to see that how much money it may help your business to save. If you find it interesting, feel free to schedule a demo with inFeedo.

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