Zillionize Invests in Pit.AI – Artificial Intelligence Based Investment Management

When we talk about investment industry and investment funds, we can’t ignore hedge funds who are big players of the market with trillions of dollars in their capital. Hedge funds are different from mutual funds because they almost invest in all types of assets and hence involve more risks. To minimize those risks and be able to gain profits in both rising and falling markets, hedge funds take services of experienced management firms. These fund management companies and fund managers have huge fees including management fees (also called annual percentage which is mostly 2% of the fund’s net asset value) and also performance fees which is mostly 20% of fund’s annual profit. All these fees are simply huge and there was no other option that could help reducing these fees or save such expenses of hedge funds but there is one now and it’s Pit.AI.

Pit.AI – Artificial Intelligence Based Investment Management

Meet Pit.AI, a team of AI researchers from Oxford university with first-class experience in financial markets and our latest portfolio startup from YCombinator’s Winter 2017 batch who believe that Artificial Intelligence can replace human investment managers and help hedge funds save their management fees. Pit.AI is doing this by building AI agents that can develop deeper insight from massive financial data and learn how to invest by themselves by using proprietary machine learning technology.

Doesn’t it sound exciting? If this also interests you, check it out by yourself.

Zillionize Invests in UpKeep – Mobile-first Maintenance Management CMMS

Most of you are already aware of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software. There are plenty of them being used in different industries for many years provided by lots of information technology companies including big giants like IBM and SAP. But, most of these CMMS software are desktop based, complex and higher management focused. Even some CMMS software also provide mobile apps though most of the technicians don’t use them happily since they are not user friendly to them. How about a simple CMMS software that’s accessible by anyone from anywhere on any device and is equally loved by both technicians and managers?

UpKeep - Mobile-first Maintenance Management CMMS
UpKeep – Mobile-first Maintenance Management CMMS

The answer is new member of our portfolio startups from YCombinator’s Winter 2017 batch, UpKeep that lets users, technicians and managers collaborate almost in real time from anywhere on any device with the help of its Cloud and mobile apps. UpKeep offers comprehensive maintenance management solutions for small to large businesses including asset management, facility management, mobile CMMS, request portal, smart monitoring (in partnership with Monnit) and several enterprise features like enterprise level reporting, account management with different access levels etc. Give it a try!

Zillionize Invests in Scaphold – GraphQL Based Universal API Service Provider

For developers, it’s very common to integrate their applications with other 3rd party APIs. A very simple requirement to allow users logging into your apps using their Facebook, Twitter, GitHub or Google accounts would need you to integrate your applications with Facebook, Twitter, GitHub & Google APIs. That’s just a simple use case. Such integrations can be too many and even overly complex depending upon your business needs. To integrate with every 3rd party API, you not only have to study its documentation separately but also have to develop and test each integration which consumes too much time. Life would have been a whole lot easier if there is some service that consolidates all 3rd party APIs into a universal API and takes care of all integration stuff to save your time so that you can just focus on your business logic and build applications rapidly.

Good news is: such service does exist and its name is Scaphold.

Scaphold – GraphQL Based Universal API Service Provider

Scaphold recently graduated from YCombinator Winter 2017 batch and attracted us so much that we have added it to our list of portfolio startups. Scaphold API replaces hundreds of APIs to provide a single user friendly interface that developers can use and save their time. Scaphold does this magic using an application layer query language called GraphQL which is more latest, simple, stable and efficient than REST APIs. Combining your business logic with hosted data services and management tools offered by Scaphold, you can quickly build your applications and create value for your customers. So, don’t wait and start building now!