Zillionize Invests in Scaphold – GraphQL Based Universal API Service Provider

For developers, it’s very common to integrate their applications with other 3rd party APIs. A very simple requirement to allow users logging into your apps using their Facebook, Twitter, GitHub or Google accounts would need you to integrate your applications with Facebook, Twitter, GitHub & Google APIs. That’s just a simple use case. Such integrations can be too many and even overly complex depending upon your business needs. To integrate with every 3rd party API, you not only have to study its documentation separately but also have to develop and test each integration which consumes too much time. Life would have been a whole lot easier if there is some service that consolidates all 3rd party APIs into a universal API and takes care of all integration stuff to save your time so that you can just focus on your business logic and build applications rapidly.

Good news is: such service does exist and its name is Scaphold.

Scaphold – GraphQL Based Universal API Service Provider

Scaphold recently graduated from YCombinator Winter 2017 batch and attracted us so much that we have added it to our list of portfolio startups. Scaphold API replaces hundreds of APIs to provide a single user friendly interface that developers can use and save their time. Scaphold does this magic using an application layer query language called GraphQL which is more latest, simple, stable and efficient than REST APIs. Combining your business logic with hosted data services and management tools offered by Scaphold, you can quickly build your applications and create value for your customers. So, don’t wait and start building now!

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