Zillionize Invests in Final – A Smart Credit Card That Protects Consumers Against Fraud and Breach To Make Secure Online Purchases

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It’s very convenient to pay through credit cards and this convenience comes with the risks of credit card breaches, frauds and theft but now you can relax about these risks because Final is here!

Final – A Credit Card Control Service
Final – A Credit Card Control Service

Zillionize has invested in Final – A credit card of 21st century for consumers to make secure online purchases without having a second thought about fraud or credit card breach issues. Instead of using one static credit card number, Final generates multiple card numbers for you which you can use, restrict and manage by yourself. Now, you can generate unique card numbers for each merchant you deal with and if you don’t want to continue with services of any merchant, you can simply deactivate the card number anytime which puts you in complete control of your payments. Customers can generate new and unique card numbers using Final’s web app, browser plugin or mobile application. It also gives you complete statistics of your payments like whether the transaction is online, subscription or one-time purchase.

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