LeadGenius – Sales Acceleration Solution Raises $6M


LeadGenius, a powerful way to automate sales using a combination of virtual staffers and technology has raised $6M in a Series A funding round. Zillionize is glad to be one of investors in LeadGenius.

Over the past year, the 12-person LeadGenius team grew revenues three-fold and secured 120 customers. Part of that growth contributed to large contracts, made possible by the solution’s ability to scale on-demand.

“Raising this round was a big step for us,” said Anand Kulkarni, CEO, LeadGenius. “In the months ahead, we’ll be investing heavily in the product itself to streamline the customer experience, expand our ability to collect and reason about data at scale, rapidly grow our global worker community, and introduce LeadGenius to more and more sales and marketing teams.”

Please read full story at Yahoo Finance.

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