ToutApp – Communication Platform for Sales Teams Raises $3.35M


Toutapp, one of the startups Zillionize invested in, has also raised $3.35M funding recently in a series A round.

Much of the new money will go toward adding sales and marketing employees to expand the company’s user base, said founder and chief executive Tawheed “TK” Kader.

Founded in 2010, ToutApp lets customers draft emails with time-saving features like templates, scheduling, and possible meeting times drawn from calendars. These functions can happen on the Salesforce website. Data from Salesforce can be woven into the templates users build.

After emails go out to leads, ToutApp users can monitor recipients’ activities and figure out whom to follow up with. They can also have ToutApp automatically send follow-up emails. Data on when emails are sent to leads and what recipients do with the emails ToutApp users send can be sent right back into Salesforce, or other supported customer-relationship management (CRM) tools.ToutApp also integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

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