Strategic Expansion: Go1’s Acquisition of Blinkist Marks a New Chapter in Learning Innovation

In an era where continuous learning and professional development are key to sustaining competitive advantage, Go1’s strategic acquisition of Blinkist not only amplifies its mission to transform enterprise training but also underscores Zillionize’s commitment to backing ventures that redefine industries. This move marks a significant leap towards creating a holistic learning ecosystem that caters to the evolving needs of the modern workforce.

Zillionize has always championed startups that drive transformational change, and Go1’s journey from a visionary e-learning platform to a global leader in the enterprise learning space exemplifies this ethos. The acquisition of Blinkist, a pioneer in condensing complex ideas into actionable insights, is not just a testament to Go1’s growth trajectory but also to the foresight of investing in platforms that prioritize adaptability and user engagement.

Blinkist brings to Go1 a unique proposition—making learning accessible and manageable for time-constrained professionals. This synergy aligns perfectly with Go1’s expansive library of training resources, creating a comprehensive learning suite that addresses diverse learning styles and preferences. For Zillionize, this acquisition represents a strategic alignment of innovation with scalability, enhancing Go1’s potential to captivate a broader market segment.

Andrew Barnes, co-CEO of Go1 “The combination of Go1 and Blinkist offers something not replicated in any corner of the corporate learning market”

Go1 Acquires Blinkist – The Go1 and Blinkist Team

At Zillionize we’re always impressed when our investments invest in themselves, Go1’s acquisition of Blinkist is more than a strategic expansion—it’s a bold statement on the future of learning.

As part of Zillionize’s portfolio, Go1 exemplifies our vision of nurturing startups that are at the forefront of technological and educational revolutions. We are excited to witness the new dimensions of learning that Go1 will unlock with Blinkist, and Zillionize remains committed to supporting ventures that have the potential to redefine their industries.

Zillionize, a prominent seed round investor, has been championing technological startups since its inception in March 2011. Our investment strategy revolves around identifying visionary early-stage startups through a meticulous data-driven approach. Our portfolio boasts investments in several unicorns, and we’re optimistic about more of our investments achieving this status in the forthcoming years.