Teleport raises $110m in Series C funding to enhance its Infrastructure Access platform

Teleport enables the ability to access SSH servers, Kubernetes clusters, web applications, and databases remotely from anywhere with identity-based access like SSO (Single Sign-On).

Zillionize invested in Teleport as part of the YCombinator S15 batch and is now listed as one of YCombinators top companies. Currently at position 151 at the time of writing. This Series C sees the company valued at $1.1B.

CEO Ev Kontsevoy and co-founders Taylor Wakefield and Alexander Klizhentas released Teleport’s flagship product, the eponymous Teleport, as an open-source project back in 2016.

The system delivers what Ev describes as “identity-based” infrastructure access, acting as a secure proxy that understands protocols spanning SSH, HTTPS, and RDP to enable a password-free route to resources such as databases, Kubernetes clusters, internal web apps, and networked servers.

The Teleport team raised a $30m Series B less than 12 months ago, announcing at the time that “The company is planning to use the additional capital to accelerate product development by adding support for additional computing resources and for expanding its operations internationally.”

As a product-led company, Teleport will be using the majority of these funds to invest in building Teleport, fulfilling the requests of its ever-growing number of feature requests, and making its cloud-based offering globally available.

Ev also shared that the capital from the new round will be put toward expanding the size of Teleport’s team from 200 people to around 300 by the end of the year.

You can read more about the Series C round directly on the Teleport blog here.

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