Tpaga, Columbian fintech, raises $10m in Series A to expand its products, team and users.

The Tpaga superapp allows its users to open digital savings accounts with multiple services. These services include paying bills, managing income, money transfers, investments as well as a credit service. Tpaga now services over one million users and is looking to expand into areas such as international payments, e-commerce payments as well as opening the platform up to third-parties to bring a host of other users to the platform.

Zillionize invested in Tpaga during the YC S17 batch, inspired by their vision of becoming the first financial superapp in Latin America where 87% of Columbians still use cash for their day-to-day payments.

Andrés Gutiérrez, CEO of Tpaga, explains “This funding will help us to grow our team and further share our products. We want to reach 5 million users with our ‘finance superapp’, which allows customers to save, invest, request credit, and secure a loan,

You can learn more about the products and services Tpaga offers on it’s website here.