Zillionize Invests in Hotswap – Automation to cleanly migrate data and help companies onboard customers from competitors

Hotswap is taking on the massive challenge of making data migration between separate systems much easier. It’s all too common that companies become helplessly locked into a vendor because they find it difficult to migrate data away from them to other software. Most solutions to resolve this problem are either hacked together by employees who are tight on time, or by expensive consultants. Hotswap are looking to do data migration better.

Hotswap specializes in exporting data, even when it’s not easy to extract and then helps import this data into your product. This is a big pain point for many individual users and companies alike, and with GDPR mandating that users should have a way to get their data out (data portability) this a solution comes at no better time

Jay Goel and Len Boyette are the team behind Hotswap, bringing their wealth of experience towards this mission. Jay has managed engineering teams at Frame.io, Squarespace, and Rent the Runway and Len was an early employee at Okta and part of a small team that managed thousands of non-standard integrations.

Hotswap is essentially an ETL (Extract, Transform Load) for SaaS products. They figure out how to extract data from the old system, even if there is not a clean API to do so, and automate it. They then help transform that data into a format that you can load into the new system. The product is not self-serve. Instead, they work with you to understand how data maps to your system and integrate that logic into their migration engine.

Hotswap have recently graduated from Y Combinator’s S21 batch and we are excited to have them in our portfolio. We believe they will be an essential business for making data flow easily from any system. Visit https://www.hotswap.app/ to find out more or if you need help with your own data migration get in touch with the team: https://www.hotswap.app/contact