Zillionize Invests in Slip.so – The easiest way to create and sell interactive programming courses

Slip is a platform that makes it incredibly easy to build and sell interactive programming courses. With Slip, instructors can build courses and teach their audience programming concepts with powerful tools like in-browser code execution. Students learn hands-on by using interactive programming blocks, and best of all there’s no setup involved on student’s machines.

Slip’s founder, Kenneth Cassel, started the company after he launched an interactive programming course on an obscure topic (learning vim) which made him $11k in one month. Students began raving about how the interactive exercises were a fun and effective way to learn topics. Kenneth realized that building interactive programming courses was too hard and time consuming, so he created a platform that makes it easy for other instructors to do exactly that. Slip, who recently completed YCombinator S21 batch, is now helping expert developers monetize their knowledge while leveling up career developers.

Here’s a quick overview, from Kenneth, showing how Slip works:

The main tool in Slip is an online course editor that allows instructors to build courses with a variety of “block types”. Courses can include markdown, videos, code snippets, Figma embeds, CodeSandbox embeds, and executable code snippets. Code executions happen in remote, one-off Docker containers. Code snippets are built using the open-source Ace Editor React component.

The Slip editor is free to try and use. Slip takes a 10% cut of course sales (plus processing fees). In return, they handle payments and accept and remit VAT taxes for authors. Slip also has features to help authors make more money with their courses. For selected courses, they can run a pre-sale campaign. Slip also publishes and features high-quality courses directly on their website.

Zillionize is delighted to be a part of Slip’s journey. Visit the Slip website to learn more: https://www.slip.so/ or you can signup to start creating courses here: https://app.slip.so/register