Bitmovin – Video Streaming and Cloud Encoding Service Provider Raises $10.3M


Just around a year ago Zillionize invested in Bitmovin as a seed round investor. Today we’re happy to announce that Bitmovin has raised $10.3M in a recent Series A funding round.

“We developed the fastest cloud encoding service on the market, together with the best performing adaptive streaming player. We are first-movers when it comes to new features & technologies, as evidenced by our DRM for HTML5, 360°/VR streaming, HLS in HTML5, etc…

Although we are growing nicely with a healthy business, we decided to go this way (raising Series A funding round) to further improve our video infrastructure products, to maintain the level of support to our customers, and to build new products…” said Stefan, CEO & Co-Founder, Bitmovin.

Please read full story at Bitmovin.