Zillionize Invests in People.ai – Report Card of Sales People

Any sales teams play a key and decisive role in the organizational growth and building efficient sales teams is not an easy job. Even more, hiring the wrong person and leaving them unmonitored can be a costly mistake. A good salesperson commands a base salary of $100,000-200,000 per year. More importantly, they’re responsible for a pipeline of $2-3 million in revenue that won’t get closed until you hire a replacement who then needs to spend time getting ramped up, learning about the product and establishing relationships with customers. What sales managers need is to be able to fix the problem before it gets to that point. Of course it is not straight forward because a lot of data needs to be scanned before making a concrete decision. The data includes calendars, email conversations, phone calls and many other data sources which is manually impossible to accurately scan or analyze. This is where People.ai comes to do these jobs intelligently.

Zillionize happily announces its new portfolio startup, People.ai – a company bringing machine learning algorithms to sales operations.

The service works by scanning email, calendar, phone, WebEx, conference tools and other data sources. It records all the events that happen across the different platforms used by salespeople, and identifies common threads. It then isolates what it deems to be the average best way to close a deal. So not only is the tech able to see what a salesperson did correctly, but also where they deviated from the playbook. Find more info at TechCrunch and give it a try today!