Algolia – Hosted Search API for Apps Raises $18.3M


An year ago, Zillionize invested in Algolia as a seed round investor and now Algolia has just raised $18.3M Series A round of funding. Good luck Algolia!

Algolia is very easy to implement on your website as the company opted for a SaaS strategy. It means that you can implement the company’s search engine for database objects in just a few lines of code thanks to its hosted API, feed the service with JSON-formatted data, and customize it to your needs. After that, your users can start searching right away. They will interact with Algolia’s servers without ever leaving your site. With 12 different data centers across the world, Algolia tries to make the experience as responsive as possible for its users.

Comparing Algolia with other websites is night and day. With Algolia, you get a dropdown list of results after typing a few keystrokes. You can click on a result in a lot less time than it would take you to use Google. And it’s packed with features as well. Algolia handles popularity, geolocation data, tags, dates and more.

Please read full story at TechCrunch.

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