Bitmovin – Video Streaming and Cloud Encoding Service Provider Raises $10.3M


Just around a year ago Zillionize invested in Bitmovin as a seed round investor. Today we’re happy to announce that Bitmovin has raised $10.3M in a recent Series A funding round.

“We developed the fastest cloud encoding service on the market, together with the best performing adaptive streaming player. We are first-movers when it comes to new features & technologies, as evidenced by our DRM for HTML5, 360°/VR streaming, HLS in HTML5, etc…

Although we are growing nicely with a healthy business, we decided to go this way (raising Series A funding round) to further improve our video infrastructure products, to maintain the level of support to our customers, and to build new products…” said Stefan, CEO & Co-Founder, Bitmovin.

Please read full story at Bitmovin.

Zillionize Invests in Wallarm – a Security Solution for Blocking Attacks on Web Apps and APIs

In the competitive IT environment companies are forced to run faster to survive. Frequent software updates often conflict with security audit processes, which in turn may result in missed software vulnerabilities.

To help businesses protect their web applications and APIs, Wallarm introduces a unique approach to revealing security flaws. It uses machine learning to analyze the normal user behavior of the web application, block abnormal user requests, and see if these requests expose vulnerabilities.

Wallarm – a Security Solution for Blocking Attacks on Web Apps and APIs

By creating a profile of what legitimate behavior looks like, Wallarm can easily distinguish between regular user activity and malicious attacks from hackers. When Wallarm detects behavior that falls outside of a normal user profile, it will automatically block the user.

Additionally, many security products available on the market can only alert security teams of any malicious behavior detected, but are unable to determine which ones are critical. Contrary, Wallarm is able to pinpoint attacks by blocking the malicious user and then testing it against the web application to see if a critical vulnerability exists. If it does, Wallarm alerts the security team immediately, helping them prioritize which security issues to focus on. This makes all the difference for large companies facing thousands of attacks a day. For more details, please visit Wallarm’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Proxy – a Startup that Turns Your Phone into a Personal Beacon to Access IoT Devices

In a world where everyone has a phone, it’s hard to imagine that people still have to carry things like data-transmitting wrist bands or badges to help identify themselves. Meet Proxy – latest portfolio startup of Zillionize, which turns your phone into a personal beacon that enables seamless interaction with your environment – be it access, identity, or personalization.

With Proxy, a user’s smartphone emits a Bluetooth signal that gets picked up by a sensor connected to an IoT device, like an electronically locking door, for example, or a home entertainment system.

Proxy – a Startup that Turns Your Phone into a Personal Beacon to Access IoT Devices

The raising popularity of IoT devices in the recent years creates countless opportunities to applying Proxy’s technology. Basically, Proxy is your digital representation that interacts with the physical world. It may help people use Internet-enabled devices of every kind without all the annoying login processes and standalone apps for each separate device.

For now, Proxy’s technology only works with the door locking systems used at offices, which normally require card keys. But the early-stage company has yet to expand it to work with other consumer electronics or building systems. For more details, please visit Proxy’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Metapacket – an Intelligent Antimalware Solution

For government organizations and data-driven corporations like banks and payments companies, security has always been a great challenge and the top priority. To protect themselves against any possible data leaks, corporations use different kinds of threat detection software, including antimalware programs that usually work by analyzing outbound network traffic.

However, trying to detect malware based on where it’s sending data can be complicated by hackers looping in legitimate services to mask malicious intent. Rather than trying to assess where data is being sent, Metapacket’s technology focuses on trying to determine whether network traffic is really being generated by a human or not.

Metapacket – an Intelligent Antimalware Solution

Unlike all other proxy or web-analysis solutions, Metapacket not just passively looks at the data, but is challenging the user and browser to prove that they’re human. Automated processes are whitelisted and anything remaining is malware.

In order for malware writers to workaround Metapacket’s detection system, they would have to create complex programs of a few megabytes that mimic human beings’ behavior, which would in turn be at risk of flagging up the presence of malicious software on the network. For more details, please visit Metapacket’s website.

Zillionize Invests in JustRide – A Car Sharing Service Employing Smart Vehicle Technology

JustRide is a technology aggregator in the car rental industry with the prime products being micro and macro leasing of vehicles.

Unlike existing market players, JustRide is not the proprietor of the vehicles it rents. Instead, the company focuses on connecting existing vendors in the car rental industry to end-users through a hyperlocal service.

JustRide – A Car Sharing Service Employing Smart Vehicle Technology

JustRide cars are fitted with its smart vehicle technology (SVT), which taps into a vehicle’s electronic system and provides real time access to the location and performance parameters of the vehicle. The implementation of SVT negates the requirement of high security deposits as the vehicles are under 24×7 surveillance and can be stalled from a remote location if needed. Customers can reserve their vehicles through the company’s website or on their smart phones and order the vehicles to be delivered right at their doorstep.

JustRide has ambitious plans for its SVT system. For example, it can be easily implemented in alternative modes of transport over water and air. For more details, visit JustRide’s website.

Zillionize Invests in ApolloShield – a System that Detects and Intercepts Malicious Drones

ApolloShield develops world’s first active, plug & play anti-drone system. It actively protects sensitive areas from drones by not only detecting unwanted drones, but taking control of them and commanding them to land safely. Consider ApolloShield an anti-virus for the sky!

ApolloShield – a System that Detects and Intercepts Malicious Drones

ApolloShield system detects drones using multiple technologies, including cameras, audio and radio sensors, so no drone can evade detection. The system detects not just whether or not there is a drone in the area, but what type of drone it is, and its unique ID.

Most of the comparable products on the market are either designed for military purposes, or only have the detection part. Unlike them, ApolloShield allows a user to intercept a drone by disconnecting the original operator and forcing the drone to land safely. Alternatively, ApolloShield can command an intercepted drone to return home.

For more details, visit ApolloShield’s website.

Zillionize Invests in Flutterwave – a FinTech Company that Builds Digital Payment Infrastructure for Africa

Payment processing in Africa is very different than it is in the United States. Any store in the U.S. accepts debit cards, credit cards, and even mobile payments. This is not the case in Africa. To provide the same full-service payment experience, merchants and payment service providers have to integrate with each form of payment individually. That means if you have a POS that accepts Visa, it may not accept MasterCard, for example.

Failed transactions are so common that many store owners don’t bother with the POS anymore. Because of this, Africa simply defaulted to cash and alternative payment methods like bank accounts or mobile money. This is the problem that Flutterwave has been designed to solve. It is a middle layer which works across payment channels, methods and local currencies in different African countries.

Flutterwave – a FinTech Company that Builds Digital Payment Infrastructure for Africa

One of the largest banks in Africa, Access Bank, already employs Flutterwave’s infrastructure to ensure a seamless digital experience for all their customers across multiple African Countries. Flutterwave has also helped US companies like Uber to enter, accelerate and succeed in African markets, making it possible for global merchants to process payments just like a local African company. For more details, visit Flutterwave’s website.